Christmas in nature

When feeling stuck in nature’s bleak landscapes,

Snow’s sparkle easy to miss,

Gloom overhead casts few shadows

Land appears ghost-like as Fore blends with Aft.


When Grace happens,

A twinkle catches your eye,

You notice a tiny red berry

bits of color- like highlights against the grays.


Body natural

rather’d get away and

back to hearth

where it’s warm and settling.


you know, that place called home

where you have a sense of belonging.

Where it’s safe to let your guard down,

and to sleep at night.


Light of candle inside seems somehow brighter.[1]

Shining defiantly against the dark.

We decorate our home, to cheer soma’s Psych.

She[2] is very photon sensitive, after all[3].


Bright moments count at end of life’s periods.

We carry memories like embers

in our hearts faintly glowing.

To gladden us, during life’s travails.


Perhaps another’s cheer makes you lighten you inner core

– even if one’s personal wish,

is for another’s greater happiness not yours,

that you get to be witness, is gift for you.


Either way, during Christmas time,

there are miracles outside,

You might not notice

At other times.


Which is why with straight face[4]

 I could tell my kids, “yes, there is a Santa,

no matter what he says…” ,



“Santa is a state of heart, of believing in generosity, …

a time for gifts that come from sharing and hospitality…

a state of being which is as real as you make it.…”


But they’d already tuned me out,

having been told by their peers and poohbahs-

“he is not real” they heard

proclaimed with aplomb[5].


At least with enough certainty

my sons believe no more in Him.


From then on, the magic for them

wore off

helping me decorate or prepare holiday feast,

seemed obligatory.


If you want more ease in life, you need a sense of expansion- just like the Grinch says, as his heart starts breaking open,

 “Christmas can come without ribbons and bows”.etc.


To which I’d add, here’s where the hospitality comes in.

Christmas is a time for celebrating heart’s gifts.

A time of exchange with those who (?) [6] are friends.


one does ‘have to’ dedicate

to make time for the Christmas spirit

to have it work for you in your life.

But to “get to”, is better.


Like anything healthy that’s ideal,

practicing is key.

It’s wise to find a way to incorporate generosity

little by little, like inlet to a stream.


Eventually into one’s day, but weekly or monthly counts too.

For soma of self; that she may too elevate.

Soemtimies it’s better to give the best to others.


Loneliness[7] can loom,

unless busy with tasks.

Actual body moving about

Keeps energy flowing


out away from your core

to arms and legs,

then back again to heart,

blood gets to go farther.


As you in your environment operate.

No wonder women tend to be healthier.[8]

(Most women I know,

move all the time in caring for their family.)


Winter is Gaia’s yin time.[9]

With sun’s short rays and lower perceived intensity,

body clocks slow from 

The far fewer photons in a day’s length of time.


Pineal gland light sensor petals stay closed longer-

and don’t ‘open’ as widely

during winter’s days

as in summertime.


Her pinecone crystals

get a little congealed,

from calcareous concretions

that form finely on her tips


especially when brain CSF flow is sluggish,

such as from prolonged sitting

(like me right now!)

just so you know, it’s not like I didn’t tell you.


Flow increases

as we move around,

and with our spine’s



Look carefully now at distant lights glimmering.

Slow[10] down,

You’ll see shards here and there-

 don’t forget,


Even blazing bonfire[11]

flickers at a distance.

But you won’t feel the heat,

unless you go up close to it.


It still amazes me to know that in physical reality of winter in the northern hemisphere, we are actually closest to the sun.

 Our experience of light shift, days darkening and shortening are a sort of technical illusion[12].

Caused by tilts and angles, amazing how bias is so confounding!


When if She were looking straight on,

the sun would always be at Her equator,

keeping everybody warm equally.

instead it is not but inequality’s in His design too.


So, It’s ironic to me we perceive Him least, though He is closest!

And yet it is She who helps. Without Her, He is no-thing.

She’s one who makes sure

t’is enough for everyone.


This light shift we share, with

our friends, neighbors, and traveler.

So it is naturally a good time to give.

Or maybe you all get S.A.D[13]. together.


Winter’s when He shines brightest to little ones-

generosity and laughter despite the surrounds.

Holy songs fill the air –

And plenty of ribald, I mean why- not?


You must laugh at your life’s absurdities.

There’s nothing like a good guffaw to

cleanse one’s funny bone and

open  heart’s “I-funny” current- gunked by funk.


(Our “I-funny” current indicates health of sino-atrial node,

Pulses cell body shaped like bone connecting

are heart’s dance with lung.)

Keeping us alive with every breath and heartbeat.


So, thank G-d for the jingle bells and aromas!

For now, we need some levity!

This is a good time for celebration-

helps one shock the dark out -before deepest colds test us.


It’s still true, seeing Santa – an adult man dressed like

Santa, never fails to cheer my heart immediately!

“Thank G-d one of them still cares for children and their dreams!”,

Think I to myself.


Thus, I am grateful the Pagans founded tradition of

dressing up trees and

celebrating with candles

To celebrate Yule and Her maidens.


 For yes, even in winter,

She continues to grant lovers

summer’s end



Until Yin turns into Yang, that is before spring,

we must past the “worst”,

Darkness Of winter, which is now with Winter Solstice –

When trees stand like toothpicks.


Then the sun enters Capricorn leaving Sagittarius.

[Beyond sovereign philosophy’s (third decan of Sagittarius), working for what limits us, brings[14]success. Using Bet(eis), our blessings, to build. Capricorn’s goat embodies this principle- one must have a job, in order to keep active. During Saturn’s (Saturn rules Capricorn) cold time, one must trot, trot, trot to keep self warm.]

No coincidence either, we’re just our galaxy’s center at Sagittarius 27 where lightyears away the Milky Way’s super massive black hole center sits. Did you know it’s gamma emmisions form all the cluster star babies- including our solar system? 


With 7 in it’s number of 27, (our definition of measurements),

This is Sovereign philosophy’s blessed center of spirit.

So too, ’tis the season to double check,

spiritual principles you will use to build your new year’s worlds.


It’s no mistake time does in January slow imperceptibly at first – cold’s really settling[15].– when the days again elongate all the better to aid contemplations.


Red berries of Holly, Hawthorne, Ash, Rowan, and Rose

in winter remind, fertility persists.

Dormant now and underground,

but will to come to life later.


So it is OK to celebrate,

Christmas as a healthy rite

healthy to celebrate-

Christmas – with gifts and feasts, sweets and frivolity.


(But not year-round.

And keep it real!)


Outside life, time always moves on,

It’s not long ‘til March

When again hoes,

can work the earth (manually adding footnote 15b).

(Meanwhile I must make my tarts

So I better stand up soon!)


THe end.

Merry Christmas!!!


[When I started writing this essay,

I had music in the background,


supposed to help my pen flow.

Instead is technical distraction,

drawing me to Her,

Instead of my depths.

As muse is like your unconditional mom.

Trying to Hook your heart,

 In this She’s technically Vau,

Which is hook’s other name.

This is not fishhook glittering,

A temptation to be taken,

Hook comes out and chooses,

which warp’s strand to lift.

That she is attraction

is her purpose.

She cares for your spirit, spirit alone -and it’s persistence.

Muse, she can and will,

do her thing to keep you with her.

Standing or flattened, with muse, you’re with her,

 it matters not to Her what shape you’re in.

 As long as you pay her, with your attentions, She stays with you.

Alive you can love Her, your Yod’s entity of projection;

Though it may seem tiny, that you can appreciate, matters.

As muse inspires our senses, as She shared by all beings, and into form manifest.  being of element, her arts unconditional[16].

. And with that, yes, She may need to appeal to self unscrupulous to you.With MUSE there’s entertainment, pepping or soothing creating change in situation. Though in the background, she is Fun and has her place for sure!!! But she is not from self’s actuality.  Nor are her regrouped syllables or homonym, btw. So in penning from my heart, I must now turn her off! Thank G-d, I have this as an option.]

[1] I wonder, was it an astute observer of highlight’s power- to weave his world with Importance filter. So next time he or anyone reads,  eye can skip over the “trivial” bits. Psych’s sub-context of soma self, forms weft traversing.

[2] I refer to the physical corpus, as vessel. As vessel, a cup does not control the wine. This is a character of the S-HE state. She supports will, at every level. She is manifest; He is ‘wanna’- Will’s wish desiring.

[3] Melanocytes are Psych’s shield of corpus.

[4] My oath to Archangel Michael goes way, way, back. I really try to tell truths as they are literally – including not telling white lies…

[5] Hoping their wares will cheer you up and you’ll give them your pennies

with your better faring.…(at least I hope).

[6] I’m sorry to say, I never had a formal grammar class-apologies for improper usages. Feel free to email me. It’s frustrating to use grammar check.

[7] (L)-one-li-ness –Lamed’s judgment from entity of sovereignty.

[8] Many women I know, stay busy – and it is for this reason,

despite our out loud complaints, voluntary muscle activity

puts hive minds on hold. Those sources of clamoring- Will can’t control.

[9] Even in winter, sun’s rays, however muted, are still much broader in spectrum than any candle or bulb. You really can’t fool her (your 100,000 million year old mammalian self) even though you wish. Body responds physiologically as mammal; slowed down, digestion takes longer. Good time not to overload on rich foods- or too much news.

[10] Slow, without the L, is sow- and necessary to cultivate. L, is judgment and balancing- instead of middle pillar with G (O A) T (in that order, looking from top down) – when you understand S, Samech, is from your Sa’s corner (Eck in German means corner)  Samech is circular in definition, embodying continuity, with her in the name.  Her character is fulcrum’s linchpin. Looks a lot like round. 

[11] “bone-fire” was my typo; (yes, good). Winter is a time for putting what no longer serves from lineage, into yin’s inner fire of combustion and sitting with it.)

[12] Never mind, if one were to visit the south pole- where the light of summer is at it’s highest- heat builds us as summer days are cumulative. Just like at Christmas in the north, our coldest days loom.

[13] S.A.D. – seasonal affective disorder.

[14] Galactic Center is Sa27, this is very year~December 19-20th (in my ephemeris). So this is a very good time for Hanuakkah season! Since G.C. “affects” us too- everything, including earth and sun, ultimately revolve around it. Though our relative positions seem steady and predictable- there’s quite a bit of Whim involved.

[15] At the Sostice, the North Pole is pointed directly away from the sun; (15b)- decriminalize and protect your whores.

[16] Unless he chooses to tune her out, or has a way to turn or dim.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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