The most striking aspect of this L.D. intrusion is the sense of kissing and being kissed. Just yesterday while I was opening the drapes, ‘he’, landed (another) hard one on me. Truthfully I can say, I have NEVER been kissed this way[1]– at least not in real life- only in the ethera, and from ‘him’ once, a couple of months ago while I was in the shower.  

That was the first time that I recall ever being kissed quite like that hard! What do those maxillary mechanosensors feed? Wow. I was so aroused, I had to lie down for an hour.

With L.D., usually along with the nuzzling, it’s brushing lips and flickering tongues, then pouncing kisses all over. I have never really enjoyed French kissing[2], at least until now.

Feeling stronger and clearer these days, when this happens, as it does frequently, I pick up my flaming Blue Sword of Truth[3], and cut away his traces. With that I efface my lips, and become mouth telling story, as this sword always cuts both ways[4].

I was a great kisser, or at least really enjoyed kissing, when I was young, like 15-20 years old. Running high with libido, actions rarely stopped there- I didn’t ‘tease’, then or ever, at least that I’m aware of.

I know, I know, kissing’s “overrated”. My ex once breathed to me, that in his family, it was the holy pussy that’s the shrine, and the only reason worth marrying. His kissing, sorry, was never that great[5]but even in our doldrums, he’d kiss goodbye in the morning. 

With this peck on the lips, he sealed me to our commitment, with it’s safety and securities, again and for another day. That reassured me that our marriage was still worth it (to him) and for my heart to keep trying to salvage.

The simple reminder of his goodbye kiss, belied the rest of his actions- which 95% of the time contradicted.

Look closely at a human’s lips and see if they are meaty. If so they’re very likely interested mainly in (heartily) feeding themselves. Lips that set to curl, when the person is at rest, are, nine times of ten, indicative of enjoying some cruelty.

This feature alone should be a warning; stay out of their clutches. I should have listened to my instincts, and avoided them altogether!  No wonder my ex-husband is a surgeon. You can’t change character from the outside in; it’s an inside job assuredly.


My biologic family always gave direct kisses. This behavior was actively encouraged. Usually these were as firm pecks on the lips, like on big occasions such as holidays. As a four year old and older, I used to DREAD giving my grandparents kisses – their lips were so soft like old prunes. Yet my father was adamant, that this tradition be followed. He got his way with mouth kisses when we were reunited, until the very last time when his mouth was open


([1]Whatever lead him to do this is his problem- they are his karmic issue and attachments. The consequences continue.)


That was over 25 years ago. Since then, I’ve refused to kiss him but on the cheek or in the air around him. Though he has begged me ever since for one on the mouth. But no, I am thoroughly repulsed; I can choose to honor my body’s revulsion. Even now, our hugs are brief touches of shoulder , they are not heart-to-heart or chest-to-chest. Without this chest, they are much less comforting. Dads are important beings.

On this I was eventually vindicated- though my father continues to chastise. When my foster mother told me her lips were for her one and only, I felt more sure of myself. Their family never touched lips; it was considered unseemly, but they were good huggers.

That seems fine with me. Kissing is for intimacy.

Looking at the sensory representation on our neuro-cortex, lips, hands and feet make up most of the homunculus. It is no wonder then, that touching any of these three features, in special ways, can undermine one’s self control so thoroughly (and lead to breakthroughs)! It’s interesting to see how many nerve endings there are for the face.

Lips are important, Kissing is too! My body sure wakes up with some tenderness.

Of course with Covid-19 and wearing masks with each other, our lips are now hidden. We lose that signal and intuitive perception of character on meeting. And yet, with all the fake botoxing and toxic lip colors, maybe that’s a blessing.

When I went to Alaska, my California companion had lips freshly botoxed; frankly they were garish (almost frightening looking like a vampire). She came on strong to our guide Dan, and also with the hotel keepers. She always got her way including her wine. They wouldn’t give me any which I could understand. With the pandemic, supplies for the truckers were scarce, so the beer was left for them. She didn’t wear her mask much of the time and was offended when I asked her.

It’s no wonder she attracted men that thought more of her for her lips, than of her as individual[6].

For me it is just as well, as my eyes rove to find my gentleman. Instead I plan to continue to focus my eyes on the face’s glabella, as foveas can glow and I’m hungry, I must suppose.

[1]I have had one “intense and passionate” all-consuming relationship in my life; when I was  an emancipated teenager. We did have fantastic lovemaking. While we kissed very erotically too, I don’t recall any ‘hardness’.

[2]It was always more thrusting and penetration suggesting power, not mutual interaction like now more tenderly suggestive of curiosity and tenderness?

[3]Archangel Michael’s preferred weapon.

[4]Why anyone would make light of truth and Archangel Michael, is really quite beyond me!

[5]With me anyway; may he find joy and warm kisses with his others.

[6]She dissed her ex – a rich lawyer who got her her green card. 

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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