Is a word most of us like to avoid having to engage with. “Me-Dic(e)-in e”, Starts by me speaking to myself. Even if from the Medici’s, there aren’t accidents for words.

“Me-“ mem, the energy of spirit specifically reflected in our currents and connection, we the E that implies changing.

“Dic(e)” or dici –to speak, show, point out or teach.

Combined, a thing outside of us used in a specific way, to help us awaken.  

Healing body, mind, or spirit, looks like coherent manifestation of our DNA’s blueprint(s)[1]The plural to include mitochondria’s DNA, which expresses the energy of our hive minds.

Living defensively or offensively creates distortions in the expression of our desires- while accepting the Laws[2].

When thriving in accord with the elements around us, and clear, we manifest the energy of abundance. This is in the context of atonement- doing unto others what you would do to you, literally and especially the earth her creatures and beings. All creatures great and small, the Lord made us all- even the deformedrmed


At least being in at-one-ment been my motivation and impetus, when working with others or in need of help myself.

Medicine and medication are two different things. One uses word or a sense to heal the wounds; the other, is a thing to do to you.

Sadly, a thing without spirit, cannot really hope to save you.  Things can’t hope for you after all, you need a heart for that. Or, you need Grace – and luck. It is the doctor, his or herself, that is the magician.

Why does one take medicine, at all, unless to feel better or live longer?! Otherwise wouldn’t we all just go about our business[3].?

My grandfather used to say, “Each day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”. Then he’d whistle a song from the merry-go-round.

I’d hear him say it, and in my mind would protest or scream, “you are not” …”you’re getting older and more wrinkled!”, …”you’re walking more slowly!”. Granted, I was six. But I’d consider, and challenge his words. Saying them out loud, as he did, and silently considering them, did help me feel hopeful;, gave me a little shift. Maybe he said those words to me, because my pain was palpable?

Another time, he was in his eighties, and had been given the diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer. His bones were lit with peppery specks. His worry from his doctor’s words, were eating him away.

He was low; I felt sad for him.

He could put on a confident air – which (no doubt) made us all feel better, driving his always-fresh Cadillac and wonderfully dressed- you wouldn’t know he was distressed- to see his bravado.

One time, we were coming back from visiting a restaurant when he saw an old friend whitewashing his fence by the roadside.  

After exchanging the usual greetings, he mentioned his distress about the diagnosis- that doctors told him his life was near ending and promised discomforts (with all the graphic descriptions). 

Wouldn’t you know it – so did his friend(!) -and had, for many years already!?

His cancer was so slowly growing; he was still doing his favorite things. He sounded really chipper, given the prognosis.

 This new information cheered my grandfather immediately. He stopped worrying and started living. I heard him whistling again! 

When my grandmother, passed, he had a new girlfriend within months. (Sally was a workaholic spring chicken in her seventies.She slept 4 hours a night she bragged.)

They had good times together. Life for him was worth it. He even outlived Sally! [4]

And no, he didn’t take hormones or have surgery, but I may not specifically recall- it was in the 80s. Docs had just learned about the PSA test, and everybody got it…and aggressive treatment. That approach ruined life for many men.

Or another example, how often has it happened for you while feeling awful, nearing the end of your tethers, when suddenly a bright rainbow, or similar ‘”sign”, might serendipitously appear? This used to happen to me all the time. Though I didn’t believe in signs, they still worked like a switch or at least give me a tiny shot of happiness (like Dopamine). My “physics” brain would go all about proving the science of it, not accepting that yes, while there is a scientific explanation, that I noticed it when I did was equally (if not more) important.

The periaqueductal grey area, where our brain centrally perceives pleasure and pain is hormonally responsive[5]. Once sensitized by extreme experiences of loss, this area can easily become activated. The body doing what it does to maintain responsiveness, grow more cells on either outgoing, or defensive shrinking side.Over time, this becomes hard to balance.

For me, this love daemon event experienced as both agony and ecstasy. It seems to have been essentially a Kundalini awakening and to have changed my system’s polarity; I feel warmer in general. Not just with the ecstatic rushes; I still grieve that “he’s” not here[6].

Like Freud said, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Nah, he didn’t say that. He said, ‘if you’re frustrated, work it out another way that’s “acceptable”.  Teaching the body to witness, rather than attach, does feel like a super power.

Nerves that are chronically stimulated by pain, especially as the brain focuses on fear and lack of ease, which occurs when it hears “bad” stories the body, as a mesodermal being, become more activated.

This causes hopes (a metabolic brain cluster) to shrink (literally, stomping out the energy of Jupiter, and our endocannibinoid system).

Instead reactive and defensive centers are grown; both in cell body and number.

What happens when you wear shrinkage on your face? It is much harder to attract ‘successful’, as you define it, people into your life (unless you want predators).

Water seeks it’s own level; people connect and repel, on an emotional level as much as we’d like to think otherwise.

The predator knows your pain too, but sees it in another way.

When pain is running the show, our being’s aversive. We don’t/can’t really reach out with curiosity and mutual delight when we engage.

For resilience, we need serotonin generated by camaraderie, and the omentum, to help us recover and regain our keel when things go badly.

Meditation[7]and laughter really help too!!! 

Luckily our brains are neuroplastic -meaning they can learn new ways of being. So practice what gives even a glimpses of feeling good, as long as it’s a healthy choice and respectful! THis goes for the brain’s supporting mesoderm too. Slow down.

So you ask, what is medicine?

Answering kabbalistically, medicine is a parcel of balance, taken from the collective[8], to counteract what is currently operating on override in your body’s system or blocked, causing imbalance away from your middle pillar[9]of trust. 

That rutted system of beliefs you have, or inherited, that suggest there’s only one way to get a thing done needs to be weeded out. While we prefer to operate with the known – doing a certain thing for pragmatic reasons works to get a results we want- they aren’t lasting and frequently worsen when luck runs out…or one ages.

Then the weakest link in your overworked system is first to break down, or something more catastrophic.

One type of medicine is doing the opposite of what you normally think or feel you want to do.

For example,I love words and data, so being outside with my senses is fun to do; try it with eyes closed or blind-folded.

Light a single candle; focus on the flame.

Or Take 10 minutes to focus on and experience a single bite of fruit- like it might be your last[10].

Do Brammeri breath (it’s onomatopoeic, making a gentle raspberry sound- humming out loud). I know, it feels stupid, but it does work, do try it. 

Alternatively if you love drama and addicted to your emotional freedom, find something beautiful in the quiet and plain. Don’t use your strongest sense like your eyes.

Notice how structures work for you, and how they (force you) help you to focus. There’s time and place for everything. Granted, with time, your strongest strength will one day be your weakest- it is subject to it’s own version of overuse.

If you’re already “a king” in your own eyes, take off your shoes and walk barefoot on gravel. Yes, even you will one day bow down. Your next test is around the corner; may it go well for you.

Remind your body that you actually do love every molecule of your being.

Practice these things is stretching; you never know when someone might catch you during a moment of improved self and become your indispensable ally!

Consider for physical ailments- your organs are responding to a chronic stress for them.

Western medicine treatments derive from war wounded, and supports being a chronic adrenaline junkie, not balanced or productive (in the personal, not corporate sense) lifestyle.

Most doctors don’t practice what they preach. Maybe a food supplement will help- but your body knows if you’re being a hypocrite. It keeps score.

Consider these things – 1) what would a computer analysis of all, or at least the bulk of your words and thoughts say about you; and 2) what is in your shit? What are you literally leaving behind?

You are what you eat. Sure it’s a trite truism. Sometimes truisms are worth remembering![11]When you eat and drink garbage, you’re essentially telling your body you’re worthless- especially if you’ve been told by “her”, your mom or someone you love and respect.

Your body knows what is good for it; close your eyes and ask it. 

Best to try stretching yourself with loved one’s around you though. Some medicines can be FUCKING harsh as hell[12]. Just saying. That said, if you trust in the process, you will always be exactly where you need to be at all times.

Technically, as we are holographic beings, our health, etc, can be deduced from a part (like iridology or palmistry) and sensed directly, meaning with another’s energetic field as reference. Intuitive health providers are not rare!

Furthermore we are the physical embodiement of our astrology – as our progressing cross of self interacts with transits. So there no need to blame anything. Most of us don’t know the power of our words.

Organs that aren’t thriving, change their temperature and ‘humming’, even if slightly. With Boysen and other hands on scanning, a practitioner can feel these changes accurately. 

Sure there are biases; scanning is subjective- we are only as clear as our mirrors and purveyors can be quacks. But so can be MDs- says data and Sunshine Act.

We can get a crumb about our healing, from every trigger, qualm, and acceptance of advice judged on its merit.

Your issues can be deduced from your astrologic chart too – the ‘medicine’ for your condition: emotional, mental or spiritual, is usually in the energetically opposite sign and house. There’s a specialty of astrology just for dis-ease.

I’ve seen this over the years…conditions start psychically, and then manifest.

With or without help, when there’s a wound that needs healing,(our Chiron issues) the body will make due.

How that ‘looks’ is a detail. When your spirit wants your undivided attention – maybe you end up in ICU comatose.

For example in our westernized society, we are immersed in a world of word- most of it lies.

Our attention span is short from our preference for quick bites of information – with no more sense or concept of past, present, and future.

One news story after another, are all empty words to me…a blur. You can watch anything at any time. Most of stories are in some way violent ideas or actions – the body still counts them.

Abnormal (nothing like bird sounds) and discordant intervals and harsh rhythms are also hard on the body.

With DVR and less need for ritual or planning, we’re choosing to live in a reactive and scheduled version of life. For many, gone are family hours or special time (at least until now with Covid-19). We’ve stopped listening- or forgot how.

Instead, it’s like most of us are human gnats only concerned about our own little food dish. Ugh, get out the RAID.

Our sensory perceptions are becoming pixilated -as something on the way to becoming vestigial. We don’t touch much, at least the Westerners. We are surrounded by digital information where certain frequencies have been removed, transformed, and repackaged. People can’t tolerate natural smells and fragrance- may their anosmia serve them.

Foods seasoned with glutamine-like substances dull the olfactory taste buds. Processed foods and flavor enhancers lie to the body…like crying wolf that there’s nutrition, when really there isn’t. Over time, it stops paying attention or hypertrophies- in case it misses something.[13] Healthy food includes the five tastes…from actual foods that don’t require seasonings.[14]

Studies show there is a difference between listening to taped music and live at airports and malls. The latter lowers heart rate and blood pressure (inviting people to linger longer); it’s OK to slow down and folks buy more. The former does not.  I’m willing to bet there are ears that notice if the Muezzin’s call is live or taped.

Hmmm, why is that? Aren’t WE still listening? Or, is something missing from the Fournier sampling? More perniciously, is something being added? Like a chittering subliminal wave form that encourages us to shop[15]

For the squawk box, do you really want to hear what they have to say to you- removed as they are, not living your life? Or do you take time to listen to your intuitions and to those around you?

Recall that the brain doesn’t know the difference between what it sees on a screen from reality, and furthermore, artificial color saturation is affecting our ability to perceive less saturated colors, such as those less pumped ones of nature. We are honing reactions to manmade structures, which look secure, but are themselves impermanent as they aren’t of nature.

This detrains the brain from engagement with one’s inner vision centers. Like our attention, you can’t play two movies at once! Which one are you playing? Go outside and do something.

With lies and incoherence, much of which intentional- just ask Michael Goldhaber, Cassandra of the internet. He’ll tell you all about the “attention economy”. Confusion makes us ripe for suggestion and hypnosis[16]. But, hell- that’s your choice, you always do have free will to choose. 

By neglecting our inner visualizations, accepting things at face value, our liquid crystal midline structures[17]atrophy and wither, or get cluttered from ama[18]and misuse. 

No doubt our failure to shed what no longer serves, even if it’s a few thousand emails, or long-standing denials, will in time create matted cocoons of belief[19]. It is a sad life when one no longer interacts, sensuously engaged, in the here and now that is present.  

(Buy stock in dementia care, for sure it will be worse, sadly, lighting and eyesight assistant modalities will be big too.)

Other medicines:

Harmonizing you meridians regularly whether with yoga, meditation, bodywork, acupressure etc.  

For women (or any caregiver) who are constantly at another’s beck and call, a little ritual can help you create your own special space. Lock the door for 20 minutes. I finally understand now about bathroom time, though my four-year old saw it differently. Not only a man should get a rug of his own! In this way the U.S.A. is number one in a “good” way, women here have discovered yoga mats.

Routine, strenuous (to work out your mitochondria) with hard breathing and dew, movement that’s bilateral, and engages body, mind, with spirit is especially invigorating. Tai Chi, ballet, walking, and yoga are examples I can speak to.

Doing so will regularly exert some pain, when effective. Let it remind you to give special care. Massage your joints and oil them. Thank them for supporting you.

Turns out, lactic acid is essential for healthy astrocytes’ myelin sheath insulation and long term memory functions[20].

Use your pill jar as a rattle. The timbre and color of the pills themselves is no accident either. For how it sounds when you feel your medicines are helping, has a subconscious appeal to your relationship with the container. Some of us need chunky thuds; others of us sharpness.Go to sleep earlier.

I let patients choose which color inhaler they want, I figured it would help with compliance.

Even in your “I’ll”-ness, or state of chronic “I will”-ness; not letting other there will be lessons for you alone. This is the opposite of wellness, or “we will”-ness.

When you’re really sick, also support the “joints” or chakras, above and below with a little extra love while the middle one is resting.

[1]Our un-silenced, DNA-inherited, balanced expression of nuclear and mitochondria humming along; in atonement with it’s environment, which usually reflects him (or her). One is in a state of ahimsa – or non-wounding with one’s community. 

[2]Ten Commandments (literally) and the Golden Rule, (to the best of one’s ability -of course you can be forgiven-and at least by G-d always.) Remember this is really all about quantum physics and the laws of cause and effect manifesting.

[3]…or are we mostly tending to issues of others (?), which may be part of our problem!

[4]He died years later of heart failure and chronic A-fib; likely from the bone mets. May he R.I.P.


[6]I’m starting to accept the advice that “everyone” was giving me, that this was my experience and not his…meanwhile I did send those letters of courtship…oops. It is a blessing that the whole experience is becoming more dream-like and not so present.

[7]The difference between medication and meditation is the Tau instead of C (Kaph). Tau implies embodiment in Malkuth – either feeding Shekinah’s spirit in our form, or not- reducing her. Also Tav can be spelled Tao, as in the way.  Kaph is a palmful-sized amount of a spirit and anchor -of someone caring about us. One we practice, the other we receive.

[8]Lots of evidence, though subjective – look to Paul Levy and Carl Jung.

[9]The middle pillar on the tree of life isn’t a structure- but the result of force and form dancing while it interacts with life (Daath). Our middle pillar is something one creates with intention and practice. It starts with taking a thorough inventory of your life and examining where your foundations fucked you up. Yes, this takes courage. These are the essential qualities of the middle pillar- trust in H.P. or whom I chose to call G-d, courage, examination, and inventory.

[10]You never know when that might happen. Much fruit has lost its sweetness, as it’s selected for texture, appearance, and durability for machine harvest. I am very grateful for delicious fruit, rare as it is. 

[11]It probably isn’t an accident that truisms are ridiculed… making fun of important things, confuses those who aren’t discerning- a classic tactic for power mongers.

[12]You know who you are.

[13]Turning on DNA for any reason creates opportunity (another Jupiter word) for mutation – a form of energetic transformation (Pluto).

[14]This is where my family would laugh…I’m a condiment queen.

[15]They have and so-called “abundance” frequencies that enhance your connection to money flow – and encourage you to loosen your wallet.

[16]Slowly spoken words that reach into emotional depths, to cue you to do something you already believe in subconsciously. How you get there is the showman’s secret.

[17]Rooted in limbic subconscious- which while we are awake, are constantly comparing, parsing, and weighing a thing against our own understanding of inherited codes, archetypal wishes, and gnawing secrets, 

[18]Ama is physical and metaphorically sticky, gooey, swampy, tarry, dank, brackish, stiffened beliefs around our attachments. It also is indigestible matter from our diet.  Samskaras – ingrained patterns of behavior, collect it. Can be released most affectively by avoidance of toxins, confrontation with whatever triggers, and prolonged Vipassana meditation with active “witnessing”. After my Vipassana retreats; I felt more refreshed than ever before, from not having to speak for two weeks!

[19]From which stem our actions and decisions.


By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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