“Boys will be boys!” (Gebvurah 1)

Reading about the Bergamo Region’s devastating flare of Covid-19 in Italy, reminded me of the problem with weighing actions without balance. And then by inaction – as powerful in cases as an action, can alter the course of an event. Who needs wizards and magicians to create alternate futures?

Anyway, it was so interesting to see how cowed, once again, the men were in their decisions. They refused to accept facts before them and ignored the women with intuition, rather than those with attachments.

And to ignore those around them, with views more nuanced. Seemingly listening to patriarchal forums, and denying their common sense. How absurd! As my ex-Jeff would say, with a “z”, not an “s”.

Firmly he stood his feet on decision from afar, not by those deeply devoted with ideas from observations and study.

WTF is intuition, any way?

I really have to laugh*[1]  it used to be called common sense – wisdoms shared by both men and women. Sense knowing the wisdoms of nature rather than their own skins alone. So sad they never visited a place like Siberia, where kids play with owls and cuddle bears to stay warm.

It will never be found that Mr. Conte is seriously responsible for the events as they unfolded in the end. At least not until now anyway. He, was sitting in Rome, not Milan, doing the “best that he could  under the circumstances”. Or so his sexy spokeswoman will say, the implications of her words feels so casually slaying to me. Ignoring the vast known human realities beyond a factory. Ugh, it hurts my stomach politics are so sleazy.

In the context of his vast connections of influence and power (relative to me), he made the best decision. After all, he could, so he did.

There is no doubt in my mind, that he’d make the same one again, as so conditions everywhere are ripe with similar corruptions.  At least until now.

That whole phrase is just bull-shit, if you ask me. Giving excuse to all sorts of bad behavior, maybe it’s time to consider it; and applied to justify wanton cruelty. I’ll never forget in my life the time my neighboring Catholic boys  squished a big frog in front of m. Senseless and with cruelty they smooshed him so his brains popped.  After the group of them did it under the back porch, they left my brother to clean it up displaying disinterest in effects of their actions, even resisted and refused to help. He was the runt of the pack, smallest and darker than the others. And he ‘wasn’t their friend anyhow’, though as back neighbors, we shared fences; they were better than us, they told us, “‘cause we go to Star-of-the-Sea[2]!”

The had no interest in cleaning up their mess, as of course, and the boys by turn got to squish him- once big and fat with swamp diet, until he lay unrecognizably in a mash.

That made no sense to me at all, that those who, said they were, “Christian”, could be so mean to me and my brother, never mind the frog who lay dead. I cried, tars rolling down my cheeks.

Even then – if life’s creatures were so meaningless, what that meant for all of us? Then when I ran in, sobbing to the house my mother said, “oh well, boys will be boys” to excuse them.

Never mind amongst the group surely would have been dissenters. Peter’s two younger brothers though, did follow with enthusiasm, after the first strong smash down. Non dared to speak out though, even as I melted. That was one of the times I learned tears meant little to any outcomes the “boys” wanted.

So Mr. Conte, for sure is no bully himself at all, but necessarily through his family and lineage is in context to the industries of power (and attachment). So he falls in with all those other, who wathce a bully learns the benefits of blind loyalty, and its pitfalls.  

Meanwhile Dr. Malara,[3], was first to sound the alarm based on her intuitions after reading journals and world medicine literatures. Her inconvenient truths couldn’t be more polished enough for media to listen to, never mind she needed her job. 

The truth is, this is another microcosm event that Jacho, the hospital improvement quality control inspectors, ostensibly try to address, strangulation of solutions by the (usually) women doctors, let alone nurses, who are rewarded with humiliations; imagine if she HAD been wrong?!  That speaks of the power of patriarchal medicine pyramid; so far without success. And why? Because plutocrats made the word “socialized” into a poison insanity dart.

[1]that’s when I realized I was writing for Gebvurah’s voices- as Ganesha, really is one of them considering his rampages.

[2]A catholic school in Marblehead where I grew up. Peter and his brothers must have been a couple of years older than me, cause I was the eldest. Donald was three and amongst his two sisters.

[3]who they (of course) have given a trophy to shut up. Trophy- a token of begrudgement no doubt, at least in similar cases. Tau, resh, peh, ayin: A blessing (tau  with resh) purified in spirit (peh) of an image.

the Gebvurah series will be about boundaries, justice, courage, and to force of connections.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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