Heroes, AKA Creators of Pyramid Schemes and Spirals


What is a hero? Someone we look up to.

Someone who does or attained something

we believe we can’t do for ourselves?!

“a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”, from a Webster’s.

Who are our stars?

Who do we want to emulate?

I mean, who doesn’t want accolades and wealth?  

In school, jobs, and family,

We are encouraged to find our heroes throughout life.

Our heroes define us and shape us-

We learn of them from our midsts.

Do a book report –

For me it was George Washington Carver,

(The rest taken) –yet perfect in so many ways!

Although perhaps if I’d chosen a different one,

My life would be different today (?)

Our attention seeks for possibility

Of what hero represents

Be it riches, fame, or glory

We compare deep sentiments.

Maybe we wear our heroes’ costume,

Drive his car,

Like him

Be and Think!

Heroes shape our mottos

Heroes shape our dreams.

If I have a hero (-ine), maybe (?)

She’d be Dorothy Dinnerstein, RIP.


It feels like luck,

When we meet a true “star”,

Confidently radiating


Oh would that we were they,

Think us silently to ourselves.

Oh would that we had what they had!

Overlooking his faults (until now).

Distracting ourselves with a hero is

Neither, “good” or “bad”, per se,

But it stirs our want/not-want blueprint selves,

In very specific ways!

With mind’s active engagement-

A Time noticing a thing,

Gives power to that outside of us, and

Encourages Sol’s spirit splitting.

Imagine, if you were actually he,

Seen for actions but not yourself.

Maintaining a façade of your youth’s beauty and power

Must be cultivated organized and wrought.

It takes, it is said, about thirteen steps

For one’s daily facial alone.

A significant time for anyone to spend

Fearing fans and paparazzi scorn.

Consider the bubble of this ‘precious’ life,

Managed with handlers and sycophants for comforting.

The light of your perfection shines brightly upon others,

Typically revealing a harsh brittleness[1].

When looks fade away

And your body fails,

How will you manage,


Will you have faith needed to face,

Being alone and unacknowledged?

Or will you satisfy insatiable needs

By trafficking in what you lauded?

For one never knows, the ache in the soul

When we are all so humanly imperfect.

With chips and flaws, can we still like ourselves,

and be a friend to those unlike us?


Stepping into comparison

Sows doubt into our soul.

Creates wishes for G-d’s willing,

And welcomes entities to our glow.

As we share space with one other

Even standing casually around,

Our eyeless Sol beings engage,

Stirring hive minds from deep within.

Reticulated solid organs

Diurnally humming with rhythm

Resonate when in communion[2],

But warn subtly when there are jinns.

Sensing inharmonious dissonance,

Alerts our innards deep,

By our unseeing judges’ perspectives

That other’s motives mightn’t be in synch.[3]

Or sometimes pheromones creating

Chemical elixirs

Of hormone entity

Subtly floating between you and me.

But with awe and delight from a vision of hope

Heart and Sol relax and slow,

Adrenals rest and just producing DHEA-

Reassuring us that we’re whole.

Visually, our heroes

Do entrain our blueprint selves.

Now our thoughts and minds are coupled with

Digestion and our health!

Did you know that in experiencing emotion

Hormones create a change in state,

And that by this work, done over time,

Power is created, for good or not?


Identifying heroes is manipulated

By overarching and well-paid press!

To focus our thinking repeatedly on

Our lack of control and distress.  

Never mind character heroes,

Archetypal as they are,

Teach our entity brains,

To Reduce life to mere caricature, (OMG!)

The world will always have

Its brutes, liars, and thieves,

Around 7% of the general population,

We can safely assume, one of these!

Now with 7 billion people,

All clamoring to have their say,

That’s a staggering amount of bullshit

to daily parse and weigh!


The moneyed pyramids of families powerful

Play a generations’ long game,

Hone media, laws, and organs

To further establish their gains.

Oligarchs select, groom, and promote,

Heroes of specific character

intelligences promoted, others shamed

To manipulate masses’ hive mind wishes.

It’s no accident heroes

Brutish or beautiful be,

Rarely unless “impaired”,[4]have they any brains, 

Watch closely and you’ll see.

Don’t be fooled by these productions,

They speak not to your worth!

Focusing us on our have-nots

Keeps our hearts without much hope.

Our western lily culture

With its applause of vulture capitalism,

Is no less vindictive or predatory

Than Old World cutthroats and murderers.

The zero sum game of capitalism,

Bound by no global Golden honor code or ethic,

Favor multinationals’ and economies’ hydras

To drown and suffocate smaller voices.

Meanwhile “democratic” leadership

Wears gloves, looks Aryan, and tacitly nods,

Meanwhile quietly plants activist (brainwashed idealist) actors,

To whip up an unruly mob.

For officially the powerful,

Favor blue-line militia’s swat teams,

For their federally-funded private prisons,

Are a sizeable Dow growth industry.

Naturally, don’t we wonder,

Whose voices chronicle heroes’ stories?

Duh, the victorious, and they’ll not relent-

At least not‘s long as they’re given glory!


So for every page of our history books,

There are many more unwritten back-stories.

Stories that never really went away

But actively distorted,

overall weaken us socially.

Silenced are the ‘losers’, and vanquished,

Stripped of dignity, and worse.

Maybe crippled, maimed, forgotten

Left with but each other, prayers and faith.

Here one hears G-d’s answering

To those who can still hear Him.

He answers with prophets and angels.

Who remind us of our higher visions?

As we navigate life and aspire

To improve our lots from home,

Worshiping heroes goes both ways –

But mostly is a sham.

Does ones hero brighten the spiral,

Our paths recursive to the light?

Does he/she refresh us to our challenges,

And encourage our inner fights[5]?

But more commonly hero worship,

For ‘weaker’ humankind that is,

Distracts us from our inner will,

Reminds us of whom we can’t be.

So to whom should you turn towards,

to make decisions wise and well,

Let your intuition guide you,

It’s in a teacher’s heart to be helpful when G-d’s will is behind you.


But never, ever, ever,

‘Should’, your atoned[6]being regret, 

nor shame, nor lay

any self-blame,

For decisions you made at the moment.  

In that in the end, we are energetically weighed,

Against the resonance of those reactions,

Karma arching ricochets, to heal us on our path.

So leave the vinegar for another day, unless you want impactions.

If a life can be a testament,

This I can safely say,

You’ll catch more flies with honey,

For me, I try to remember,

That I’m made of the four elements-

Earth, water, air and fire

Distributed amonsgst my being.

A helpful daily practice

Is visualizing them in me.

Feeling as ifknees, hips or shoulders and above,

Were manifestations of elements’ each quality.

Standing tall in Tadasana,

Is very helpful as well!

Reclaim your grounded power

Draw it up from deep within yourself.

And if you want to learn to use

The super power in you

Do what you love doing,

When you doing, what you want to do!

You are always your own hero,

Journeying through life,

Honor the “hero” in those around you- and

Your “Promises[7]”, will manifest!


Like a tree casting it’s longest shadows,

Or hedge shielding 7x it height,

If we put our effort with ourselves or intend anything,

We can effect farther than our sight.

So, if you want more serenity

(This works for me BTW, believe me),

Imagine that, you’re to your knees-high tall[8],

Sweet in soul, strong in elements, and truth.

We can always learn from each other

No matter what our cause.

For if we allow there’s a Higher Power,

Our path to light will be sure.

[1]Like  “Karen”, the spoiled white racist woman, I guess I’m guilty too.

[2]C o m m u n I o – to warn together (lt.); Hebrew- c-kaph-palm-sized (amount of one’s palm- which we CAN manage), o (combines energies of aleph, vau, and samech; ourobouros; completeness -of cause and effect), m (mem- water, infinite prana essence, emotions, connection, and currents), u (Vau, will, hook, catching together), n (nun, “death”), io (yod, G-d’s hand with a circle – creating a tangible idea). 

[3]As in, the wave length

[4]like being ugly-ish, gay, black, or in a wheelchair- ie, not Aryan. Qualities that Donald Trump ridicules and (tries to) quash – of course he mostly brought needed attention to those persons’ dignity.

[5]This is technically is the original intention of one’s ‘jihad’.

[6]Atoned – At oneness, meaning from heart and minds combined.

[7]The AA Promises and promises of the new Testament.

[8]That’s a tongue twister!!!

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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