Ode to Cov

My dearest Covid-19 

you are the answer to so many prayers!

All of our prayers…

Just maybe not what we thought we were asking!

We pray for our planet Gaia

For Her lands destabilized from climate change and drilling

We pray for her oceans,

filled with pollutants seen and unseen,

We pray to stop the fires

burning down continents


Her for her prana to clear, which is once again, unseen in Beijing!

We pray for the lives of others

 To be different

Not the same,

From their paths meant to be taken

That their dharma’s not in vain.

We pray for the drug to save ‘Jimmy’

A cutie with incurable dis-ease,

Needing extirpative surgery

Or possibly replaced knees.

Instead of Love, diet, and tender comfort,

He’s given needles, drugs, and tubes.

He’s placed in isolation

And robbed of nature’s views.

His being’s dysbiotic –

Both inside and out  

A diet of ‘tastes great’ Frankenfood,

Builds residues like gout.

We prolong his daily suffering,

A picture of my virtual hell!

Whether 5% or 20 of patients institutionalized this way

there are a very many,

I’ve witnessed it several times a day.

Are you sure

that’s what you would want

for a loved one or yourself!?

To generate a mountain of plastic for a weak decrepit self?

llness is our proxy

body’s rebellion against control.

Played out with lineage actors

The parental ones we know.

Will denied,

Becomes an “M”,

upside down in world’s mirror.

Attachment strengthens when denied.

 Will subverted-

Like a pickle in the pot

Burning at your innards

twisted and contracted.

Our body always aims

to regain its balance and health.

Will do whatever it takes

to get it’s space, fasting, or prayer

with migraines, IBS, and pain.

Whatever it takes, to release from our toxins,

and our over-efforting,

whilst ignoring diurnal rhythms.

effort for our lacks

instead of accepting what you’re given.

Hospitals and clinics,

Our So-called Healing Centers,

(At least assumes our collective eye,)

Are shock settings for suggestion!

Instead of courage and healing,

Promote disorientation, disassociation and brain degeneration!

Bland sanitized rooms

With cartoonish fixtures,

Sharp gleaming edges

which proclaim loudly

All’s to the

Exclusion of Nature!

The man in white


typing away,

Peering at his screen

 His glance to you brief, a 

pasted smile you get.

You’re in the upside down world now.

Never to get out

But please DO!

Before it’s too late.

Helloooo, did you know

many the studies conclude,

conditions and consonants

prayers for dis-ease,

Trigger vigilance not placebo,

suppressing healing function

and even our microbes

 deep inside of you?!

Did you also know that vigilence

In all of its degrees,

Drives our “want not”,

… Oh, I ”want that!”

lack economies?

Unrooted from building’s sterility,

Subconsciously be-tranced,

Makes us that much more susceptible

To the illusions of

drug’s deeds.

Even starting with good intentions,

Because Docs initially so strapped,

During his career he’s thinking of Money

and a copay is always that.

No access to soul, no problem!

The good doctor grins.

He cares not that you’re a zombie reborn,

or an opioid addict without shins.

Of course he’s compassionate

To the demented,

Or more politely, deficited,

humans with shrunken minds,

It troubles him not they’re only getting worse,

Now unable to focus on what’s in front of them.

Instead having endlessly new days,

They still recall some stories

Hoping to relive their past glory.

Without calm or

Ones’ familiars

Change is chaos,

A sign of loss

And frightening

on it’s own.

With this your inner spark

retreats to hide.

Detaching soul from spirit

Leaves no glint in their eyes lost little spark in their being left.

And then there is the ICU

as inhumane as can be

Lights, chimes, beeps, and bells

slam our Swiss watch self

our brains to and inchoate pulp.

When one’s confused and forgotten

Will you still see oneself in the mirror?

As glimpses of your loves lips fade

What is left in there to live for?

As clinicians we are left

Caring for these sad beings.

Ghosts of their old selves,

Handshakes faltering,

Humorlessness instead.

Humans we visit guiltily,

Arranging caretakers instead,

Lives living for the doctor’s visit.

Or for the saddest ones to die,

alone and abed.

Yet we refuse to let them go,

Even as they trigger deep sadness and shame.

“Without him, I’m hollow”.

“Without him, I’m in pain”.

But it’s,

“I can’t bear the alone and tomorrows”,

That media foments again,

And again.

Jimmy’s urine and stool are toxic

From drugs he takes every day.

He pollutes waters and our sound

Ever since the industrial age.

And did you know that Dioxins, PCBs, and POPs

From protectants, plastics and shapeshifting,

micro-plastics hydrophobic

Get stuck in membranes


Did you know these lipoproteosomes

Or, the black holes of our cells,

engorge with our chemical diet

of gummibear indigestibles.

dioxins erosive presence,

help fragile membranes


In metaphoric mapping (?)

it has been anecdotally shown,

resentment drives most cancers

attacking our beings weakest points

from valid emotions locked away.

Which tissues’ most affected from these?

It’s well that you might ask,

That’d be the fats of prostate

and breast.

But this we ignore and

focus on the physical instead.

So spare me please requests for a cure,

When you pooh-pooh prevention

Which is the only way.

Bad fats disrupt membranes and

reduce fluidity.

Like cinquefoil clogging rivers,

Receptors’ rafts can’t slide so efficiently.

Immune functions slowed and disrupted

 as myelin sheaths and tubules get polluted, 

Storing in fat as we age.

Presenting as MS, ALS, IBS first,

Breast and prostate cancer later.

In America, we have a zombie disorder.

Folks so over-stimulated

We call it ADD anxiety and bipolar.

Really we’re suffering from emotional collapse!

We set Covid’s stage

Silos groomed to keep us shielded from our truths

to decimate the squares[1]

Our towers of Babel

Divide democracy to conquer

Ourselves from each other.

Dissonance rising

From our midst.

“Me first”,

“I’m the only one…”

“Leave the children in cages”

We say to ourselves yet,

forgetting our haves

with a need for always more,

Gives quite literal power  

to the shades of business’ whores.

We beings as such


No sweet beauty in life.

Gaia wants us gone

Before the rest of her goes into night.

It’s OK if you don’t wear masks,

Freedom isn’t free

Maybe your brains’ are too tight,

But you’re confusing wants with needs!

We pray for wealth

Worship men who finesse

Mass-market illusions

That you can buy sweet love, beauty, and sex.

Just a nip here, a tuck there

 and you’ll be better finally at last.

Single procedures generating wastebaskets of trash,

Ever-feeding the plastics in our sea.

This Gyre formed mostly, or maybe all,

From crass superficiality

To first and foremost justify

Taxation to pay the 17% GDP.

Ah, the .1%-ers PHARMA and MBAs,

Hedge funders and true Wall Street conniseurs,

Slicked our hospitals for their electives-

not a pandemonium of sick.

Once Covid settles in

For it’s second round melee,

hopitals for profit and not,

will be bankrupt most assuredly,

as they’re

Already many hospitals already, are deeply in the red.

Med schools will drop enrollments

Who wants to die for that? unless they’re already dead.

The ‘Harvard’s privileged elites

will create for medicine a new vision an Elysium for the sacreds,

leaving riff-raff to tend their own dead.

medicine per se will be menial work for the smart seconds,

Harried and shaded,

doctors like me with PTSD.

How could you?

How dare you?  

Why would you play G-d!

And yet you do still…

‘We’ pray for more wealth

When we live like no other –

Seven planets for one

glutting voraciously with bobbles trinkets and treasures

ripped from heart of Gaia.

Because in our world,

land rights don’t exist.

Nor rights for anyone deemed lower than your social status.

We are the insatiable Beast

No difference between,

Distinguished CEOs at conclaves,

Or glorified sociopaths laughing off-mike,

Using CIA thuggery,

our CEOs thrive

To bribe the measly

Extorting the uncounted,

and greasing the puny titans.

Ruling distant worlds by proxy.

Creates a special karma too- a perception of complicity

which is too often true!

In just promoting markets,

We magnify the ‘have and have-not’s’.

Detach our wills from Gaia

And the gifts from her she fonts.

Our corporations (our “bodies”)

Ever needing to be fed,

purchase treaties in third worlds

for cheap-

benefiting less than 1% of the country.

Agreements specifically designed

To exploit and skirt, land’s will and those who love her.

Poisoning soil, wildlife, and her children

Her environments harbors and valleys

Pristine and beautiful,

left trashed and wrecked.

And for what you might ask? (Or not I don’t care), for cash crops, rare earths, and blood diamonds to name the least.

Enjoy that suckers,

with “environmentally friendly” cars.

Or perhaps for the riches of Africa,

We’ll put in cloud servers and grids

Squelching news of contaminations

And worse,

news of leukemias that spread.

Leaders, their own leaders (!),

Treat their villagers as disposables,

The world’s Ramsy Bolton’s, Idi Amins, and Titos,

Dissociated from the costs of success.

(Hmm, where are those families now- certainly not all dead?!).

Their families never left us,


Running sweatshops instead!

Who cares if it takes pure water to cool?

What’s another 5 miles for Bibi to fetch her draught,

Barefoot, belly swollen from parasites and lack,

a Bucket on her head.

Did you know slum-living

Multiplies have-nots and stress?

Slum-living itself raises birth counts

To give a chance at success!

Instead our charity is

Taking bailouts for buybacks

Or paving the Dow’s way

Of raising monies for the hedgers,

To protect their rainy days.

‘We’ pray for ignorance that

Science is taken out of schools

No evolution

No sex ed

Keep her knocked up barefoot and pregnant,

just mind your business you wretch.

Ignoring arts of living, for

Salvation in your humbling


‘We’ pray for science laws

To remain exclusive to the schooled.

Casting doubt on careful evidence

Businesses eschew.

Our mocking leader states clearly,

That he loves us as a fool.

His eye contact, flip of the head,

Belies his reptilian being

Look carefully and see

his eyes are non-blinking.

Voiced diction

filling airwaves,

Sloganing with taunts, lies, and Twitter rants.

And Mesmerizing rally chants.

To the pitches of his minions

He shares his dogma carefully

Enunciates each syllable

A spell

Brilliance as he orchestrates


Reweaving in the tale 

of story to his enthralled

He deliberately thickens their veils

Thereby cloaking their reality.

Presenting Lies as Truths

Then mirrors the Truths as Lies.

Stoking fears and pitching fire

And that only he himself can fix it.

‘Our technologies the way’,

He apes his handler’s recs,

Though this tech is a hologram-

Wills not and cares even less.

Where is Mr. Fix-it now?

LOL, not a robot programmed in Taiwan!

Did you forget that you were he?

You can fix your own problems,

And trust in humility instead.

Your spirit is always with G-d, there is no separation whether within or without the flesh.

Did you know,

There is no designer greater

Than nature is herself?

Inventions from man’s brain,

Merely the application of reflections-

Tools Gaia’s mutations create that as our view quietens

Inspire ideas for ourselves!

We can be but each

derivatives of Shekinah’s glory.

Embodying our coherent

Force of thirst

Our mitos

Manifest us into being,

Gaia who always grants us

the gift of our dreams

As we follow our heart-centered selves, Ten Commandments, and Golden Rules.

Or for some our twin flames’

Inexorable attraction

Each having memory of being Adams and Eves –

primally matching energies at

breasts, thighs, and feet!

Yet even then in that

There’s no guarantee of ease,

Meeting your “match”

What would that be?

From our deep lineage worlds,

Our mirrors are humanly flawed.

Assimilating disordered society

Presents challenges to our Hod.

Which is why the DNA mutates,

or at least that’s why silent mutations are kept,

To find a solutions to our time-honored life

of trying to over-digest.

You forget that you are enough!

You only have this moment.

Did you know what’s right today

maybe wrong tomorrow,

and so what?

Which do you focus on,

Which do you feed? Your worries and disappointments, or victories and Glory?

Who are we anyway to effect Anothers’ path?

Are you walking in their shoes?

Yes, we can discern or want to or try to change it,

many parasitize it’s true.

For each path brings a set of lessons,

Which in the end, as we engage,

whose lesson will it really be?

Do you double check as you point, and remember those three fingers

always refer to you?

Do you get permission first,

Before you pray for another?

Or just take it on yourself, to judge one’s needing

Are you absolutely sure that’s what you ‘need to do’?

Let the golden rule be your test.

There is no wasted lesson

Even if some of us, it seems, need it over and again.

No dignity

No honor

With 8 patients to tend,

Nurses run, run, run run

Why do we hold onto lives meant for ‘teaching’,

Spirit bound and imprisoned

Yet we refuse to release them

Torturing as we

Resuscitate to the nth.

Let go of the dis-eased,

de-mented, and de-fective.

Those who cannot find ease or joy.

Let go of those

with un-focused eyes, and bodies clearly ready to go.

Let go of those who can’t still create, with their heart being self – using mind, hands or body.

Whether by nature or nurture, our spirit dims with a losing some resilience-

our refined lineage organs

stressed with demands of adaptation,

later withers then fail

nature letting you know

you’re in the way.

Coronavirus, how you reign on high!

Yes, you are a very OLD TESTAMENT G_D,

passing silently on wings in the wild to encompass

and save


Dancing, spiraling pirouetting

Do you shoot strands too for traveling? Can you balloon in the wind like a spider?

 An invisible interloper

Cutting dust in the air

Floating for 70 min in the stillness of air.

 How long do you stay aloft in my studio?

Your crowns’ arteriole blood red spikes

Kamael’s cudgel

There are no mistakes for your naming

Sars Cov-2


Your timing’s so perfect.

The Beast’s fangs bared,

Showing the world its raw self,

You saw opportunity

In therising sense of futility

Testing auras

Finding the resisting

with induced HLA,

Engaging with stickiness,

Taking advantage of too close

Too sick

Too old

Too weak

To match your challenge.

Even attracted to yet unknown attractant?

Are you a solution in search of problems?

Or a problem in search of solutions?

Which are you and to whom?

So many possibilities-

Twenty proteins can become 30, with recombination.

Do viruses change with time? (yes)

Though so much we don’t know.

G-d laughs and says, “you know nothing!”

Quickly into this one,

Slowly into that,

Covid-19 picks humans, one-by-one

Or nearly en masse.

A smothering blanket of

Breathlessness, fire, even death.

Lives available for getting the job done

We invited you in with our antibiotic resistance, degraded biomes, and worst of all isolation.

And here you will stay,

A tsunami flattening hospitals

Expelling sane folks from current medical care.

Your intractability taxing

-Leveling the for profits and not, (sorry Tim B*[2])

Leaving essential needs to be filled in your wake.

When there is excess meat.

In the sweet ones, our children, full of prescence and dreams.

For their lives, there is no excess still flowing with


our lives in dynamic animate union.

Interested and engaged with all forms of being until we’re on Euracipides bed.

Mimicking themselves and nature as

Beings who dance in the world with body and senses,

Do you love the environment as if it were alive?

As it is,

if you are willing to ask!

Untrained eyes see into souls

Digesting truths and untruths from their elders

Bright eyes

Senses still clear of re-enactment wounds

Auric fields without etheric crystals.

For now.

Did you know that for every single human being,

Whether great in their own life or small,

There are hundreds of similar beings?

Based on birth-charts alone.

Identical, no, but VERY similar,

given the same or similar opportunities,


No one life is so very precious- but what we create as a whole, lasts.

Covid-19 streams

Looking for the juice machines

RNA spike harpoons,


Attack and landing sites…

Of Accessible ACE receptors

Lungs first, then if unchecked, liver and kidneys

Having already deadened scent,

Our gate to Lust,

And incapacitated digestion.


Floats its proteins and lipids in our type 2 pneumocytes deep in alveoli,

Type 2s our source for lung’s others to regenerate after wounding.

Armored with

ACE constriction receptors- thinning membranes,

hastening O2 intake

over CO2 release.

linking in phosholipid membrane surface

Alveolar cells,

Loaded with water channels and ports

Our front line defense cell

Pumping water from air.

THE cells that create surfactant-

Tubular myelin beads and netting

Our lung’s Teflon substrate

for ~zero resistance to breath inhalation,

and release-

approximating a perpetual motion machine

Myelin uncoiling to form a precious net of charge on exhalation,

Recoiling with air comes in on inhalation.

Excluding water,

or equivalently,

emotional baggage

Air opens to change

Providing safety and security

It is OK to breath and be you.

AType 2 cells damaged by Covid-19 are also our source of stem cells for tissue and lung regeneration

Subverting and killing alveolar cells

Letting a bubble form against the serum’s stickiness-

Serum leading to blood.

Without that resilience, many do drown without machinery.

Here is Covid’s opportunity for landing and springing its venom.

Scars beget scars

Meat spoils and sours as it consumes without giving back,

Closing in on itself


This is not mud or a swamp

This provides no fertility for the lotus to bloom.

Sars Cov-2, like a swarm of fire ants,

You multiply easily working deeply

into damaged and sticky lung fields

where blood flow slows by plaque and twisting

surfactants full of clumped dioxins, weakening it’s weaving and webbing.

Bronchial Tracts thickened,

from chronic ‘over-efforting’

to keep things as they are

when instead

every breath is different.

Cilia heaving mucus like tired and damaged zombies

Thickened and tenacious in response to inflammation and particulates.

then push it out together…just like crew.

Needing too many 2 cells to clean out pranic trees

Littered with air pollution, I’ll-ness, and dis-ease

Unresolved sorrows and griefs

Do you have pain of a broken heart that never healed?

Could you not trust G-d that it is always for your highest and best Good?

What did you wish for

but then didn’t accept the “how”-

Life on life’s terms.

We know you too as an angry Sars 2-Cov G-d wreaking wreckage in our lungs.

As usual, over defensiveness, lashes back at ourselves,

causing much further damage, ARDS, sepsis, weakening organ structures.

What if we could just stop digging?

We all have it too, that hidden resentfulness and anger. Admit it. How does it serve?

Does it motivate you to get out of bed?

Yes, there is that.

To prove someone wrong, yes, we can!

But then anger weakens, divides,  and contracts over time. 

Shortens our lives and opportunity

to create our dreams.


 with homeostatic steroids released on kidneys is not random –

changes in its electric field propagate.

It responds metaphysically,

engage our adrenals-

Turn off sweetness, digestion, and immunity by proxy.

Blood pressure rises for impending flight (or fight),

heart and kidneys are the first responders, immediately acting to lower filtration rates.

Get it, lower filtration rates? Can’t “filter” shit quickly anymore, more reacting instead.

Sars Cov-2 spreading like an angry rash

Over bilious livers and

Shrunken kidneys and

Organs already longing for release.

A cytokine storm

Burning the body inside out

Skin bones teeth.

Are you ready?

Yes, you will know G-d at the end.

He is here now.

Only He isn’t real if you can’t see or measure Him,


You’re not counting that in physics,

All possibility and eventuality come to pass,

All in G-d’s time,


Shall I say,

Manifestation of mathematical possibility

The probabilistic version of archetypal embodied perfection of power and simultaneity.

The force and form man makes up from his resistance.

For whatever reason, the Universe doesn’t hear, “not” when you utter a cursing spell…

The universe not ‘hearing’ the frequency of “N-T”

Registers not against the invisible web.

Because in the treasure house of images

everything is possible and

already manifest.

Nun and Tau.

Nun – for death

Tau- for manifestation.

Say them slowly and see how they resonate within you.

By death of a belief,

we are forced open

…and nature abhors a vacuum!

Possibility manifests by its naming.

We called it with our will.

“I don’t want (named item)… that!”

So you get even more!!!

The seven sins aren’t just for you

But also apply to me


are given to

lighten and

to free us.

But pain and fear of Michael’s Truth

Makes us we all resist.

We forgot to trust after our parents failed us,

No one is good enough

when they’ve lost

Therefore nor correspondingly are we in the mirror.

Our disbelief feeds our venoms.

Venom oozes and corrodes integrity


Like protease among the interstitium,

Taking the path of least resistance

Venoms Soften our deepest beliefs

Leaving us

Helpless against our doubts and fears

 A scar must form to save us

But contracts us in its stead.

Psychic scars contract us

Give extra pings in our aura

When do we realize our anger is at ourselves?

Or realize we’re fighting life with our will

Ignoring our weaknesses, by condemning them

In others in our view!

It takes effort to expand in terms of releasing.

Fearlessness, recklessness (good traits for musketeers)

Is common

Might makes right



But there is real strength in effortless expansion.

Trusting in grace of Love, we remain courageous, knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

No matter what.

You are always in the hand of G-d.

[1]Foundations in our lives.

[2]B from my med school class who went on quite predictably, to be CEO of a large metropolitan hospital. Bless his soul; thought I was a joke you know.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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