Happy Birthday to me

On my special day (March 4th). Lol, if there were a theme to my life- “March forth” might be it. Constantly rallying – from drowning no matter how hard I try (it seems) To balance many worlds at once together- ‘real and imaginary’ And yet in reality, I’m doing nothing but sitting or. Or, puttering…… Continue reading Happy Birthday to me

Snow as metaphor

Snow- my birthday gift (I was born on the snow-moon- almost full moon. ( first draft). [So here I sit swaddled, hot cocoa in hand after my fun foray to clear frontage; writing about it now on my birthday stationary.] I love snow. It hasn’t failed to lift my heart but once… after an ice…… Continue reading Snow as metaphor

More Light and Levity: Tau, Chet, and Heh

ת, ח, ה are very similar looking to the untrained eye, and according to modern typeset. At first glance, all three seem to be made of Vau, ו, and Dalet, ד, squished together like concertina. This is true (almost) for Tau ת and Heh ה, But Chet ח, you will see, is not the same.…… Continue reading More Light and Levity: Tau, Chet, and Heh

Christmas Update 2021

Insomniac now for many months, I guess it’s time once again to ‘speak’ up, if you will, Hanukkah past and Christmas around the corner. All told, I’ve felt pretty disassociated- weeks turn into months with little form in my calendar. Would I even pass a (mental) status test? At this point I’m not so sure.…… Continue reading Christmas Update 2021

Tea to soften

The intensity of the forbidden is building in my life, some days it feels like a tsunami of pressure – at least there was one in my dreams. So I offer the following, as a way to calm (my) ideas. My Introduction to a Tea Ceremony (of sorts). Once, I got some Tea Forte in…… Continue reading Tea to soften

Snow as metaphor

~original draft Snow   I love snow. It hasn’t failed to lift my heart but once… after an ice storm in May, when it should have been spring! Thank goodness it’s here on the Valentines’ day[1]   Covering everything in a blanket of white is always a marvel. Even a dusting is magical to me.…… Continue reading Snow as metaphor