What is our need?


This essay focuses on the nature of ‘need’.


When our basic needs are met, Soma’s chakras are secure and we stand in our power naturally.


We have resilience and can be productive. We have more ability to give of ourselves consequentially.


For this our soma body hive minds must be honored and balanced. Hive mind being any reticulated solid organ; such as heart, pancreas, liver, kidneys, and lungs – as a tissue. Stronger when they have clock or pacemaker cells; are each connected by a hilum to our autonomic nervous system, blood, and lymphatics and in perfect reciprocity with our brain as a ‘higher’ organ. Without both systems functioning properly, our system can’t work as well.



According to a modern mystery school, as flesh mammal hu(e)-man, we have four needs air, consumption, elimination, and love (bosom[1]) . When these are met we can pursue our “wants”, and become our own executives-express the will of our heart’s creation. 


Taking the time to honor these needs on regular basis ‘reassures’ our soma selves our heart is ‘trying’ to care for itself. and by seeking balance[2]. One need is receiving, one need is to release; two are give and take in their nature. [3]


For a hu(e)-man waveform in a “physical manifestation”, these are tangible[4] and intangible needs.


Personally I would add space or Akasha, to the list – no being can undergo metamorphosis, blossoming and changing shape from inside to out, whilst under constriction, or tzimtzum. Although the urge to change may come from feeling constrained.[5]


We need space on a regular basis to move freely- and to breath, speak, and sing[6]…As mitochondria form our energetic vessel of self, she is a standing wave being subject to physical and quantum laws. As ‘she’ is moving charge, IAM is flame-like.


We also need space – to reflect and return ourselves to peace – so our ease can flow more freely with others in relation.


But first let’s go through the four which I’ll post this week.


Blessings for all, and Mashallah Habibi.

[1] I’m calling bosom our physical manifestation of our personal boson forces of coherence affecting our power.

[2] When our Psych notes imbalance – too much or too little, she can be a drama queen- and all because a few words triggered Her. Then She becomes Psyche- and with an ‘e’ changes state, or Psycho- destructive as She projects onto her surrounds with Samech – her “O”. Samech- Sa-mech, is a Self-(awed)-king, without balance of Lamed- justice. (Melech is a word for king in Hebrew).


[4] Tangible is touched or measurable –as in engages with our senses. Sounds awaken us, touch teaches boundary. To a receptor, being contacted fro the first time is also an awakening. Receptors awaken when blood pumps with first heartbeat-not before. Before then, during earliest percolations, tissues become-in their al(l)one amongst themselves.

[5]Note to self, not all pressure is bad! but in time, unresolved pressure becomes intolerable and quite often leads to uprisings!

[6] Singing in the shower definitely counts, and even if quietly! Don’t forget to sway a little.

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