Scary Malefics

It doesn’t fail to annoy me- the constant references to “Mercury retrogrades”, squares and all references to the challenge planets of Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto by astrologers; they create much drama and fear that’s unnecessary.

These outer planets represent larger perspectives that stress us- and ruffle our individual sovereign self. We’ve only been aware of them for the last several decades.

The qualities and forces guiding our personal body and early life reflects our experience of our sun, inner planets, and moon, along with Jupiter (our sense of expansion and exuberance) and Saturn, our sense of limit, measurement and time-and our sense of being grounded and secure.

When Outer planets transit, or move through the heavens, their qualities test that part of the birth-chart.

Yes, these are strong forces that guide or effect our responses.  When they are blocked, obligated, or spotlighted, the surrounding structures needed to channel the energy become entrenched trying to guard them. It’s no wonder all “hell[1]” breaks loose; people break down, accidents happen.  At least for those who need a little extra kick in their petunia- as in wake-up call when it’s time (Saturn again) to upgrade that particular spot (house) of the horoscope[2]

Consider for a moment the root of these ideas of “malefic”. AS if anything that was dark energy matter emanation of bosom field strong enough to bounce photons, were, “evil”. [3] That myth has made men millionaires.


Before the Gutenberg press in     , there were no books; no one could read or write except scribes and monks; they represented their “masters” in specific ways- to write laws and their Bibles. Commoners heard about news with town criers and gossip. There was no news paper or radio; maybe there was a carrier pigeon telegram?

Astrologers were then, brilliant men with mathematical minds. They have been and are, confidants to most, if not all, major rulers (even if secretively).

Commoners didn’t have astrologers for their own (until now); no one recorded births of peasants or lower classes. Astrology was, and is, forbidden by the Church.  Death could be rendered to those who questioned or disputed a leader’s decision.

Astrologers have served the courts of royalty, and honed messages to their particular ears.

Consider, for the “rulers” point of view – energetic planets can cause change and conflict, and testing situations like challenges to his rulership and his kingdom.  While astrology affects everyone, practically speaking, it affects rulers most – as they have literal sovereignty- and “can do whatever they want”!

This is not true for those “under” him.

Kings do not like it, or example, when Mars gets squared. Men tend to fight more, or at least more argumentative; women got aggressive, wars can get triggered. In the heat of a moment, a pot boils over. Uranus is revolutionary – what ruler likes that? Now add the full moon – that’ll naturally illume hidden facets. Accidents happen; the ER’s backed up. Subjects complain then. Pluto is destroyer (as fierce protector giving Herculean strength); Saturn can be brittle with too little love and dry (hidden) emotions. when he doesn’t get his way, emotions can take over- his structures can crumble as water erodes them.


No wonder astrologers fear being messenger. They did, and do, try…to put things gently. So you could consider something alternate; and get somehow ready. At least pay a little more attention to that day’s tones and cadences.

In fact, it is healthy and quite necessary to have these forces to ‘check’ us. And how we are in our purity of our intentions- against the laws of at-one-ment and correspondence.

The energy is always measuring. That bright f-ing light, sees the tiniest blemishes! Those are the entities that further bind you to the astral plane, instead of moving on to an evolving, different energy form.

When there are difficult aspects, or challenging forces, this is when your life’s tools’ weaknesses will be exposed. You will be tested…that is all. If you ‘pass’ with flying colors, well great… Life never gets boring; there’ll be another around the corner, or when you are willing to go on an adventure with expansive Jupiter) or play (Sun).

For every test, G-d has already given you, the tools to manage it..…Whether you use them or not, well, that is your business (and how you get to use your free will).

As long as we breathe, may it be so, we can heal.  Our tendencies to get in our own way (of our own happy destiny), lessen. Our paths ‘feel’ clearer or even with under-lighting.


Everyone has challenges and obstacles (squares), confrontations (oppositions), and chores (inconjuncts).  That is nature; without these stressors, we don’t go looking for our own deep treasures!

For example, we get Saturn returns around age 29 – this is when we get to test the structures, rules, and hierarchies, we’ve created in our adolescent brains- against realities of life. Becoming adult-ish, usually in some position of responsibility, beginning to settle as brain’s sense of wisdom kicked in~around 27.

[It’s like, Whoa, I did not know this- crap, I want to ‘do’ something; you outgrew your vessel. And crack, it splits open. Ouch.]

Uranus squares your natal position around age 40-42. This is a time when your nescient great-grandfather self, focuses energy on the ‘dream’ you were having and tends to tweak at it. If the karma you’re creating isn’t serving you; life may not become revolutionarily happy. (But it can.) You might feel those changes as sudden and out of the blue (because they are, lol).  

Pluto, recently doing lots of ironing in our house of Capricorn[4], as in going back and forth with it’s retrograde and stationings, will expose obstacles that hide your inner brightness – some particular aspect of that house, in your life. Be careful for what you ask for, trust me! Ask and you will receive. With him there are riches to make it all worth it.

He is the devil (our lived life) within us; with his attachments and sometimes ugliness, he transforms our heart’s connections.


While our birthchart is our thumbprint, the chart progresses. For each year older, one day is added to both your sun and your mid-heaven.  The former is how you feel as a confident sovereign self; The latter is how your “boss” experiences you. Both progress together, like compass on a ship; one degree inexorably shifting our life and perspectives as we grow older.

Did you know by the time your are 60, that progressed MC cusp hits on your house of secrets and undoing?! While all along our reputation undergoes metamorphosis. ‘Bubbles’ lead to acquaintances, our humanity, (11th house)- and then to dealing with humanities’ values (the 2nd of 11, is the 12th house).

With your MC at the self’s 12th house, you become known for your secrets and undoing at the same time. What skeleton’s have you in your closet?

At), . You cannot have one without the other though, if you think about it. It is ‘society’ that judges our ‘bad’ sides, not those who love us. Society points our flaws out.

That is a time of uncovering and release-at least from your ‘bosses’ perspective. And yes, this can feel difficult – especially if you’ve been ‘naughty’.


The horoscope typically published, is about the moon and planets in relation to the house your sun governs in your chart.

While your inner-most spirit is your sun sign, one’s entity of soul has mission and dharma. A balance of force and form, expansion and restriction, time and space to “do” whatever it is you are here to create and “do”.

How you do that is with your natural gifts and elements;  how you apply them in relation to the outer world. (That’s not even considering decans – which third you were born in! which kind of defines your tribe- your admixture of element.)

For most of us the daily horoscope is worthless to read, although can be entertaining. For me however, being exactly in the middle of my sign – the 15th degree, horoscopes have been helpful and interesting- especially since until very recently, I was no-thing but vessel.

For those who also feel or consider themselves slave, serf, or peasant-like (under another’s thumb), sun sign horoscopes don’t accurately express them. Then one must look at how the moon’s traipses aspect (and affect) your moon’s sign self.  You’ll find that in an ephemeris, such as on-line Astrodienst, to find where she, Luna, was when you were born.[5]

Here is another way to look at them. Each planet represents an archetypal energy.  The outer planets especially, are there for us to ‘grow’ up with their principles as tools.


Each time one of them is retrograde (for Mars too), is when your archetype will be challenged against a new experience(s).   These tests and signs, tend to come in threes.

Before turning retrograde, the planet slows down (an optical illusion of relative elliptical orbits) and enters a “shadow” period; those old habits and techniques you use might be falling short or feel like a failing.

By the time a planet stations, when it seems to have completely stopped, you don’t feel in control about that situation and are (finally) consciously realizing it.  

If you had noticed the signs around you, you’d been given some warnings (-usually to slow down, breathe, listen, or watch your tongue…) -but might not heeded them.

Or other parts of your life may be going well or distracting, not directly related to any retrograde – in your chart. This is a time when you might watch and learn from others more successful. You will meet these ‘angels’ and teachers, just when you need them.

As the planet settles stopping at the back end of retrograde apex, the story is deconstructed, you might be seeing things in a new way. With this you are given opportunities – so then you can try that one to solve the problem even more successfully. It can be a court date too.

 Each time, that lesson gets ‘easier’ when you let at-one-ment help you.  Both in giving and receiving, it’s exactly the right blessings for you, for now.

Engage in what you want to receive – by giving or doing it already. With practice until, one day the retrograde begins to bring magic.

Then you can work with your planet- just like you’re ‘supposed’ to becoming ever more skilled at that life lesson.


What child wouldn’t like to sit on the lap of your great-grandpa energy? (Uranus)[6]

Or manifest a magnificent kingdom? (Saturn)[7].

Live your dream (Neptune)- exactly as you might have envisioned it![8]

In a refined manner (Pluto) .

For any of these really, you need some (Holy) Spirit! And willingness to get off your tuche.

With your success earned genuinely, you CAN really enjoy it. Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

That can be yours, when you listen to Her, through your own inner voice and wisdom. Sing your soul’s vowels, and you will find it easier.

There are no mistakes or accidents, when the results are the same for you.

It’s the nature of destiny – whether our merkaba self stays, lifts, or lowers on it’s Holy spiral- reflects our free will’s choices.

You don’t need astrology for any of this. But it can be helpful to forgive and understand, even if then – you have to let a thing go in the end.

Ouch. That hurts, who needs a cilise?


It is quite healthy and necessary to have these forces. Without them we’d be no-thing, just like little ants- in the eye of our Almighty One.

Not that we are…just that we act like it. Especially when we aren’t authors.

PS. Venus, trines, and Jupiter can be quite dreadful unchecked! These so-called benefics are the bases for much easy mischief, but maybe that’s another story that I’ll tell later.

Pss. G-d has been winning wars for us for a longe time, are we really better for it?. Try giving at-one-ment a try; why not see what happens?

All is Inshallah; your destiny is chosen- you get to act on it.

[1] Hell, as in he’ll, or he will. Lol, humans always f-ck things up.

[2] There are twelve houses – encompassing the Holy Kabbalah of course- further describing the beginning and ends of (manifest) being. The ten adds two – needed for procreating. (energetically a start and finish, along with the “why”)

[3] If it is living, it is here because of love; so there must be more to the story.

[4] Capricorn stands for all structures, social political, medical, buildings, bones and shins. The mountains we climb – or make out of molehills.

[5] The moon goes through a sign in about 2 1/2 days. For women this is especially important, since we are, at least until now, seen as vessels…and not for our own sovereignty (one’s sun sign). Your natal moon also progresses to a new sign every 2 years, then your chalice self shifts further.

[6] He seems revolutionary and iconoclastic because he ‘knows’ what has been tried and knows there are even better solutions, as there always are. He is our brainstormer, when we are lacking.

[7] Saturn is our story; the actual form of the dream when manifest – by definition a restriction, limit, and boundary from the treasure house of images, which shifts with discernment. He rules our structures of reputation (10th house and Capricorn; and with Uranus, co-rules our 11th house, and how we experience humanity, in Aquarius) He embodies our ability to delay gratification and hold pain. Also our Gaba processes which helps sleep and relaxation; when he is in integrity, we are safe in our bodies. He also helps us manage our beehive  life and homes.

[8] Neptune is the fog from whence forms of our dream come from… she modifies the dream sector of your chart. (12th house) and Pisces.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) and recently completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master and astrologer.

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