Touched by G-d

Once you have seen or touched G-d, 

You are never the same –

The Jews calling this gazing on the face of Keter –

see Him and you’re gone.

He reaches us or we Him at the end of

our life’s bright bright tunnel, 

Shining through our skin

Revealing the golden karma beneath.[1]

However you meet Him,

You’re life as you know it,

Is over…

When you are shown Him.


Not to have to be wearing a sign for Him-

Standing on a corner

Or on a soapbox preaching.

We allow that sort of thing in this messy land of Oz,

at least so far’s I’m aware of.

There is no where else really,

You might see a man doing that sort of thing.

Even here though, in this U.S. of A., you will not a she proclaiming Him.

If so, she might last three minutes, until she got shut down and quieted.

You’ll not see anyone proclaiming Him

In Beijing, Leningrad, or any place in the Balkans.

You’ll be arrested in Saudi Arabia if you did that, not Muslim.

Just saying, that is quite likely, at least until now,

Oh no, you might even disappear for that in those places. 

But you will find Him anywhere life is extra harsh

With its republic’s economy waged on misery.

There is He’s a kept secret

That serves to sustain

Those under Him– in this case the man, 

Who has his finger on you.

Growing up in Boston, I would often see them, (big black) men (to a skinny white teenager) standing, sometimes in tandem or on opposite corners, holding Bible in hand and shouting for us to wake up to Him or else. I thought then, life must suck to be there, doing that thing, when there is so much more! I wouldn’t want to be them- I knew that for sure!

Then we might shrink, my family and I that is, and hope he didn’t see us.

Even a glimpse in his direction could bring on a tirade of yelling and finger pointing.

We wouldn’t want that now would we?!

So I felt sorry for him maybe, and at the same time threatened.

And yet, there is one thing undeniable,

For each of those men, the presence or force of

G-d became irrefutable. Whatever lives they had in “the Game”, as society defined it, was over.

Somehow knowing now, their lives so-called social structures were illusions seemed implied by their behavior. Why else, would you choose to leave your senses?

Most of them, talked about the end times and revelations or Apocalypse coming,

(as if waking up was a bad thing meanwhile)


When in the end, you exit your tunnel of conscious living,

What will you ‘see’ in your entity field?

What will there be unreconciled?

Those mad men, got ripped open by their experience of Divinity, and so sadly couldn’t be put back together again[3]. Now being harmless, there is usually a woman to feed and clothe him.

For those who love them, I would say,

Please sing to them their soul song[4]!

Or at least the “AEIOU” toned slowly and clearly–

if you don’t know their mystery vowels

out loud will help.

But silent intention as powerful, when (unconditional) love is your motivator.

Even being willing to fake it[5]for someone, counts in your favor.

At least one of those sound’s is missing from their totem pole of self.

Really that advice goes to anyone who’s “I’ll” and not “We’ll”.

Try it. You have nothing to lose!

If you ‘really’ want to ‘save’ anybody – remind them of their sovereignty.

We are in His image – each and every one of us.

So we are all kings- or could be potentially.


[1]Lived spells Devil backwards, because our walls and limitations are oxidized caramel of attachments that darken and dim our current life experience.

[2]SO FAR, knock on wood/would; Inshallah means all that G-d wills, will happen.

[3]At least not into their senses; it is painful to go back and forth I’m telling you!

[4]This is their vowel sounds of their full name as christened or any way legally recognized by their ‘tribe’. Otherwise sing the AEIOU. If you don’t other forces will come on line, especially if you intentionally shorten it. It becomes more powerful and focused!

[5]That you want to sing their vowel songs.

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