What’s in a name?

Somewhere once I heard tell that if you said G-d’s name correctly, the “world would come to an end”. Or at least that’s how I remember it. 

No doubt I’m also reminded in the next breath, why we don’t take His name in vain or use with curses – and specifically that the tetragrammaton[1](JHVH) itself is not said, for some adherents reflect the fears that Voldemort (or his symbolic equal) might accidently be summoned.

Do you ever wince when people curse away anyway?

Personally I wish the standard for “FREE SPEECH” met the task of being understandable and suitable for a three-year-old. (And contracts were legible to a high school graduate… I can dream, can’t I?)

Everything else then might be considered potential double-speak and caveat emptor- or for subscribers- and that you can safely ignore.

Would that my conversations would sweeten me!

Sometimes what I hear makes me cringe and wince. Or is that the idea, to decrease my sense of being vast (as in de-vast-ation…or state of being de-vast (-ated))?

Devastation is the state of being away from one’s standing- then it’s easier to succumb to outside pressures and forces.


From my personal witness of spirit – soul incarnates with purpose. Good thing the astrology chart backs me up.

Your soul’s purpose is reflected by degree and house of the North Node in your natal chart ( if you are interested[2]).  Life unfolds as it does, all while you’re getting there- what matters is how you play your part, in your game.

In numerology there is what is called the “soul” number. The soul number is calculated from the vowels in your name[3]. Assigning each number in order a number 1-9, every letter gets a number. Like the Kabbalah, this is a base ten system.

(In Hebrew, vowels are considered so powerful they aren’t written, only indicated by placement of the Nikkud under or over a consonant!)

Imagine how happy your soul would feel if you toned them –– that is, say out loud and very slowly the vowels in your full given name[4], so your body can feel the vibration from marrow to skin, as well as crown to sole? 

You’re bound to clarify and wake up every cell of your being. Finally, practice saying it as quietly as you can and see if you can still feel the little tingling or charge. I would recommend that to my cancer patients… it certainly wouldn’t hurt them.

Toning the vowels in your name, and accepting fates and destinies you’ve earned, both with your use of “I” as creator G-d, and mis-use of your voice (and word) with “I” as weapon, you will regain your balance more readily after upsets.

This will help you to do the next right thing.


Embodying those vowels well and think you’re ready to move on? There’s room for the consonants to shine- buff your shofar.  Maybe you want to add some letters to your name or a new title. For example to call oneself a “Jew,”, “Mrs.”, or “doctor”, is to gain power; I’ll stick with being Jew-ish for now.  The rest I’m retiring.

Other than one’s name, embodying entitlements (titles we’ve drawn to our self) is a slippery slope tending to set up (often unrealistic) expectations and control issues. For the purpose of self-actualization, adding extra vowels increases ad-dictions, and need for containers. This is not freedom- even if the money is good.


Along the way, as you lighten and clarify your vowel soul self, you’ll notice traits, forms of limiting belief you have learned from your particular ‘lineage’, but have cleared, in those around you.

That’s the nature of subjectivity – your conscious gets pricked as your lens shifts and you see the world differently. It is natural to note when you’re not in coherence with the “other” person you’re comparing.

Then it’s alluring to think, “It’s them, not me”, but really, if you’re still ‘seeing’ behaviors you don’t like or you find overwhelming, it’s your vessel that needs polishing. Ask yourself, are there good reasons for why are you’re still with them?

At the same, new forces and forms will come into your field of people, places, and things. You’ll ‘see’ those you resonate with even more clearly, like the Celestine prophesies. A challenge then is remembering there’s a sensitive someone at the other end of that space in front of you. How you got to a place may be by different paths entirely.

This shift of your world – as this one fades and new one materializes, will be dramatic.

And yet, unlike taking just one blue or red pill, new habits and understandings need cultivating. (That is another lie the Matrix told you[5]– that there was no going back once taken. Tell that to an Alzheimer’s patient!)

When you’re thrown off balance, meditate and re-cord[6]to Earth’s center; tone your vowels again softly. 


[Finally, a “challenge” I can get behind – thirty-days of toning my name’s vowels. Usually I think, “Who needs extra challenges?” when the world seems pressured and chaotic. I started this challenge with this month’s new moon.

Once for self, twice for marriage, and three times for energy.

(Sadly I know there are those who will take these recommendations too far and overdo it. If so, go out and lie flat back to the ground. She’s got you. Or jump up and down on Her, She doesn’t care – She loves you so. Consider Her your mattress- like the way kids treat their mothers, as if they have no feelings. She doesn’t you know – but her denizens do.)

Did you know, once your inner voice is more than 50% love language and being, your entire Akashic record shifts simultaneously? So yes, if you say G-d’s name in your heart sanctuary, it is true as I am witness, your world will come to end- and become one even better, though you may still have rough stepping stones- especially if you forget the Golden Rule and step on, not over, those “softer” than you.

You will lift up your life and those round you too, at least those wanting to be bearers of light and His Holy Chalice. Allowing others their freedom, is blessing indeed! That is all around greater integrity; don’t we keep teaching about that in schools?

Others will drop, and may try to stick to you along the way; and take you down. That’s where Aikido, and 7-directional blessing (Give and receive thanks from all directions including within) comes in neatly. Then you can get away from ‘them’. Guide them away with a honey trail.

We can only stretch when we touch and entangle; there is bound to be a pulling sensation, pressure, pain, or itching. They are different expressions of parasympathetic imbalance after all. And, as the good guru Goenka said, “all sensation will stop eventually.

Toning, singing, moving gracefully, all tell the record (your etheric body) you are happy, joyous, and free -grateful in your being! This brings more of that energy and likeness into your aura field.]


When I started toning, my intuition ‘suggested’ I try to visit my yard more- not only to water, weed, and prune… but also to collect ~5 small flowers from the weeds and herbs around my house to make a daily libation made with spring water. After standing for a little while, their subtle fragrances and flavors remind me of an alpine meadow. I find it delicious. Maybe it’s good for my allergies too.

What will your intuition share with you; …and then, will you listen?

[1]Though technically, alluding to JHVH in any way, still connects you with the ineffable.

[2]Don’t look until you’re 50, or never, you don’t want to spoil it – the surprise of, yes, the good things coming in your life. 

[3]The consonants are the vessel that holds the vowels and presents that energy to the world – as your personality. Together, all the letters of your name added up, both vowel and consonants, give you your life path as you in the flesh. Changing one’s name doesn’t remove the others.

[4]Whatever name is on your birth certificate, including juniors and thirds, etc.

[5]Another is that the Oracle is someone you have to go to visit. She’s already in you.

[6]Journal or similar re-cording with date and time.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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