Why I write

You may wonder, what on earth inspires me to write such stuff – my version of liberation theology? The short answer is, I don’t get to sleep otherwise! There is nothing quite so motivating as having several 5 AM awakenings about some particular issue, for example the essay on Peace, waking and breaking over me in the wee hours! Praise be to my HP (Higher Power), I have slept very well these past two nights!

Interestingly, I notice a significant shift in traffic to these pages. Since, at least so far, I get zero feedback, other than one person who seems to “like” my stuff, I almost find it flattering that my postings are no longer being trafficked by a whole country (or two), when before about a half of my traffic was from this particular continent! Lets just say, instead of letters, their language has pictograms (which helps keep a culture focused in a particular way). Although I guess the Cyrillic is gone too.

We shall see. In my humble experience as parent, whenever you flinch, your child senses, and knows, that a nerve has been struck. They then learn a way to get a particular set of responses out of you- and perhaps how to avoid. In the process of reacting, you are teaching your child what matters to you- your values, for good or bad.

May it go well with those who think by blocking me it will help keep their power centered; my guess is it will backlash and create more interest. Time will tell!

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