“Live Free or Die”

I grew up in New England. Summers we’d visit New Hampshire, a magnificent state, and see “Old Man in the Mountain” going through the Franconia Notch pass. The state and national Park both made it into a tourist event – the side view of a bearded man formed by crag of Cannon mountain.  Even as a child, I wondered at the prudence of creating so much story about a rock that would surely crumble! 

It was cool; I enjoyed seeing it, though all things do pass. It crumbled 40 years later.

New Hampshire license plates have the logo, “Live free, or die”, along with the picture of the rock. From the perspective of bickering child in the back seat, knowing about Old Man, I wondered what freedom really meant.

 Freedom, or F R E E D O M[1].

The realm of being free.

Is it a lightness of being and flying, or adrenaline-fueled exhilaration? Does it mean to speak just as you think and feel, knowing your safe in your sovereignty, always being a part of G-d?  Does your heart fly freely like a firefly in love’s light? 

How can we feel freedom, when we are all yelling about it? Nor even when speaking for that matter, as speaking sinks our vibration and adds, not lessens. Surely in talking to each other, we can’t be listening.

I suppose there are those who feel freedom must be brutal,

When they harm others carelessly

acting “as they want”.

And other names for “wilding”- a Stanley Kubrick term, taking advantage of a situation, exploiting a vulnerability, and scamming another patron.

Acting like Helen Keller or any incongruent other- one who disagrees or impedes with us from getting what we want or think is deserved to us, even if taking it without permissions or gratitudes.  Is it forcing our way, ie. not being invited, into a group where we aren’t wanted or needed, without stopping to consider, what it is we are adding?

There is freedom in being non-conforming with our thoughts and ideas, like whether to go naked outside, or not. Feeling we are safe in our agency to be seen and respected. Freedom isn’t free, when we steal from others to get it.

There is another freedom, while we live and breathe. For the air is part of all of us, air- unconditionally equalizing. One could consider Air, not only as an element representing potential to create change, but also as a source of our gifts -at least to breath and speak- the former to be alive, the latter to declare ourselves – our word separates us from the animals.

When I do my seven directional blessing – to give to and to receive, I accept all the consequences of my actions, Inshallah, as they are given to me: large and small, dark and light, seen and unseen.  It’s for Him to call me when it’s time, Mashallah Habibi, for what has been given.

Sure there are places where masks should be worn, for your safety, not “theirs”[2], just so you know.  Just because we, I, or you may be willing to take stuff as it comes, no matter how that looks, why get a more severe exposure, wear a mask instead! At least for now until we can travel again.

Otherwise it is courtesy in order to share space with others made from separate cloths and those who, while we respect them, we may not like or want to share anything else. 

It is important to your mucosal and whole being health to share proportionally, not exponentially, in the microbes of your heart-based environment.

The sampling of a healthy home, reflects the distribution of spores and microbes outside of the physical buiding and what is brought in. The same microbes in roughly the same proportions are again found in our sputum, skin and feces.  Sampling is stabilized by those with hair and beards, that move in and out to other places.

Microbial thriving along with periodic oxytocin, DHEA, serotonin- hormones measured when we feel happy, generated in the presence of community- where you are given agency and love[3], keeps your body responding healthily. Together, our biomes act as reservoir and strengthens your resilience to disruptions and intruders. 

Big groups and congregations are sources of entity creation on mass scale, and associated with feeling sensations of dopamine. There is also the potential reality of hysteria, stampeding, and pandemonium, should anything untoward happen. BE willing to die for what you love. These are not events our healthy body will miss.

Why do I wear a mask? To honor my colleagues in hospital trenches.

[1]F – mirror of Phoenician Yoethe, Yod, Hand of G-d, and in the name of G-ddess Freyia (embodying the spirit of love, beauty, fertility, sex, gold, war, and death). R- Resh, waterfall and sun’s brilliance of G-d, ‘E-E” the change of the change- to get whatever it is you want!

[2]Hospitals, and places concentrated with weak and ill beings, carry deranged microbial life forms, fungi, and bacteria from constant use of cleansers, drugs, antibiotics, chemotherapy selecting the most resistant and often disagreeable life-forms- Nature ‘clawing’ to live in a vacuum. Also wherever air isn’t clean for you, take clues from those around you. Even if you can’t smell or taste it, poisons can be in the air – when you’re not at home or in nature.

[3]Including pets

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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