A Light to hold high

A momentous test is coming. I don’t think we can deny it any longer. There is an invisible tsunami nearly upon us if data is too be believed.3/20/20 6:20 PM

Let’s get ready the best we can.

I’m offering a meditation in connection to your highest and best spirit self.

Feel free to join me.

As you know, I’ve used a lot of tools to survive a dark childhood when it seemed nearly all was lost.

I hope this is helpful to you too.

Turn off distractions

Find your good seat, hips above knees.

Feet on the floor

Sit in easy pose.

I’ll pause my words and rattle while you get ready. Or pause me, lol.

It’s all good.

Take your time.

I’m putting on a mask so I feel less self-conscious. This isn’t about me.

(pause) <start drumming, slow like heartbeat>

At this moment in space

You are comfortable.

You are safe right now

Be right where you are

It is exactly perfect as you are right where you are now.

Take a breath in.

Pause it for a moment

Slowly exhhhhaaale

And again

Notice the sensations of the air coming in

Close your mouth




Take your attention to your bottom sitting

And gentle pressure against your thighs, legs, and feet.

Root yourself to the floor

Press your sitz bones into the seat beneath you

Know that as you press into the seat, it presses back at you.

On a quantum level each step we take is reflected back to us on a quantum level, the center of the earth echoes back to you.

Pull your belly button in

Lengthen your spine long

Lift your chest up

Level your gaze and let your physical eyes close

Be willing to let the crown of your head be suspended from a cord reaching higher to the heavens.

Your cord-A shimmering strand of Heisenberg uncertainty yet infinite connection to light- pressed into form from the invisible boson energies of the universe

Know the you are a point of contact between heaven and the center of the earth

We are all connected in the unity of the quantum field.

your will for power,     love,    or    wisdom 

brought you here to be right here right now.

No matter what it took for you to get here.

In the quantum field, there are no accidents

Manifestation is exactly what we will what our heart’s desire, even as our needs divert us.

(pause)   <continue drumming>

Now, in your minds eye, stand up and go to your door to the outside

Shimmering veil drifts before you,

Pull it aside,

And step out.

The landscape’s different.

It is magnificent, sacred, even holi in its beauty and awe

The sky is wide open above you

And there’s a vista with a path and the land rising on the right

Start down the path.

On your left is a platform with pails and a basin and spigot for water.

You can leave your burdens, sorrows, worries, and fears, here for now.

Take them all off.

Take off your armor

Your masks

Your shields against the darkness and unknown

Leave them in a pile on the platform

Wash your hands and face

Your tools and thoughts are there to serve you and keep you in form

Whether it be love or hatred

Release what no longer serves you but once served in it’s own way

to anchor you into being

You don’t need them where you’re going.

Turn now towards the path,

Your footsteps lightened

Your senses arouse

Skipping a little now!

Notice any scents,    sounds,    colors,    textures   that surround you 

Notice the ground beneath your feet

Plants, beings, even human forms may be along the way.

Would you like a spirit helper to go with you now?

(pause) <keep drumming>

Spirits are always here to serve you as you are in human density of form

The spirit of thoughts and feelings maybe

A spirit animal,


guide or


Do they have a message for you?

Listen to the air as breezes speak to you

 (pause) <keep drumming>

Looking out over your sacred inner landscape you see a glowing emanation from the rising above the hill in the distance.

It invites you

Bright Golden apricot glowing orb of light

An inviting warm and protective light

Your heart knows this light

Steady, strong, reassuring you

Go along the path and see!

Just around the bend is a magnificent edifice for light.

An edifice that stirred the hearts of your elders

A chalice for your soul

Spires, domes, triangles

Allow yourself to be cleansed

You are welcome to come in to the heart of the temple

Rest here

(pause) <keep drumming>

Know that here, your bodies are of Gaia

Your spirit of light

No matter what

You will always

Be Light over flesh

Our attachments are our blessings.

Blessings keep us tethered.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your service.

I love you!

I release all unnecessary attachment back to the light.

There is no loss or separation from the light while in the flesh,

Just a veiling, that for now, is removed

Sit here in the splendor of your holy inner temple

This is always available to you

(pause) < continue drumming>

Feel the love and warmth from your ancestors near and distant who dreamed you into being. All of you.

All perfect in your own unique way to do the perfect work of your heart’s desire.

(pause)   < continue drumming>

When you are ready,

Get up and reach into your pocket

 Draw out a gift to place on your altar. 

<pause drumming> Before you turn to your right to leave,

Bow in thanksgiving to your inner temple of light

Bow again as you leave your edifice

< quiet alert drum cycle >

Regain the path

<ardent drumming, quiet at first>

Walk back along the path back to the platform where you will find all your tools and work you brought with you

Pick up the ones you need now, leave the rest.

All outcomes are in G-ds’ hands now.

Go back through the shimmering veil

Recalling all that you learned

Come back into your seat

Take a big breath in and forcefully exhale 3 times. Each one louder than the last.

Shake your hands and feet.

<drumming stops>

Open your eyes and return to everyday reality.

Look into your mirror and say, “I love you so much!”

Have a piece of chocolate.

Lift up your heart and sing alle alle alleluiah! Today I am alive!

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