Dear Beloved White Nationalist Family Member

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Dear Loved One My Dear Donald Trump Supporter and White Nationalist Family Member (who shall not be named),

I am writing to add some clarification to our discussion – namely your assertion that, “Women are creators, they can bring people to life with their bodies, and now they want our jobs!” I especially take issue with now that this assumption is being used to take women out of the workforce, strip them of power, and force them into subjugation (back into the home).

Women are not the ‘creators’ of mankind. 

We may create the physical nest or womb for incoming being, we can suckle them, as do many species, for a period of being before that being can stand on it’s own. We energize the lineage of being with our mitochondria. 

But without men and his sperm, we cannot create. It takes a man’s sperm AND woman’s egg, to create. Women, in every sense of the word, are “co-creators”- even if the final process energetically requires a little more of women’s input for a pretty short period of time in the scheme of things.

The State of Resonance during the act of creation- the culmination of the sex act between man and woman, be it the resonance of love, or the resonance of fear, epigenetically instills in the created being. This is a biologic, hormonal and environmental, as well as physical-Newtonian and Quantum physics truth. Indigenous peoples, guided by their intuition, know this.

The average woman is fertile for about 25-30 years of life (13-38). Meaning that her natural being can hold space for this fertility only for this time naturally. Women have to be intelligent enough to protect and nurture their community, themselves as well as the elders, men, and children. Men have more singular genius fueled by higher levels of testosterone effects on the brain. 

Testosterone-fueling drives specific types of neuronal connection favoring physical coordination, muscular strength, and abstract thinking.

It is true that our Christian world has demonized women, but not because they ate from the fruit of knowledge, which gave us (and our limbic cortex) ability to amplify anger, fear, sadness, and terror, emotions our culture never wants to feel and will avoid at all costs with the prospect of loss (especially of their children or lineage/tribe). This is the basis of most greed, manifest in the body as a gnawing pit of lack.

The Christian world demonizes women to take their power. Not just to weaken, to take All of it. Period. Women and the fertile abundant earth, can provide all necessary things to have a good and happy life from nurturing the natural environment, creating a home, using medicines to soothe their kinship, and forming community to create resilience after losses and change associated with life and death.  When as organism we are in balance, we humans are fully recyclable.

The Christian world takes that power for itself. The church creates a visage for G-d and said it was the only G-d. That served to tame and co-opt spirituality. Especially taking from women, religions (supposedly) honoring women (like Jews), and Indigenous peoples (pagans). 

‘The Rainbow light of G-d shines in the truly yearning heart- according to his (human’s) tongue and in the context of his environment’. 

Truth is, the spirit of G-d resides in each of us, experienced as the perfect coherence of Love (which creates a huge amount of actual Light in the body when love is experienced). Who hasn’t seen the glowing lovers and glowing mothers?

I know you don’t accept that there is any G-d. Your mother G-d abandoned you, and were instead brought up by ghosts of feminine visage (in this case, your Dad’s young women looking for a father and topless waitresses. It broke my heaqrt to hear you called the dog, “mother’.  

This created a path of pain for you. In forgiving that, you will find great peace and experience a greater happiness within yourself. Your personal G-d was Dad, an irrational, unpredictable, and furious being who ruled by fear- not unlike Mr. President. At least you knew where you stood.

Between the age of 2-13 and after the age of 45 (when most kids are entering the world with school), what do you think women should do? 

As a Christian culture, we demonize and belittle the work that our happy estrogen-fueled brains are most capable of doing. We are naturally best, and not just in the physical sense, but also most abstract, at nurturing, sorting, editing, culling and weaving our web of life. We hold memories. These are essential skills for ANY enterprise.

Today we have women, who sew our clothes and harvest our coffee, being dismembered and sexually tortured before being murdered in Central America. Women and their families are slaughtered for questioning or taking issue with their abusive overlords. Overlords created as a direct result of US CIA policies from the 30s and 50s, and even by taller, lighter-skinned Spanish conquerors, if you really want to go back in history. All who treated the earth, women and her treasures like abject slaves in order to express their own pure greed. This is the bulk of the immigration caravan.

We all make mistakes. Not a one of us hasn’t. We hurt each other, acquired sustenance unfairly at another’s expense, and kill for sport.  Real evil is when you stop another person’s progression from their path of healing, love and light. A further evil is when you take their light as your own, leaving them an empty shell. The Ten Commandments are a worthy doctrine when adhered to. Nothing in our countries’ actions reflect either the Ten Commandments or any of the Being of Jesus.

Beware, many people describe after near death experiences as having to experience their life, from the perspective of all those they have touched with joy and created hopes, or wounded, hurt or abandoned. 

The choice is yours how you want that review to go. 

Fear-based media is meant for one thing, just what the fear-based churches, synagogues, and mosques have done- to take your power from you. So they (the ones who own the physical power) can take from you and get more for themselves. Now that churches are weakened, the Internet, run by really very few individuals, usurps that role, as it’s AI creates a self-reflecting silo leaving many of us unconnected and more vulnerable to manipulation. This helps the oligarchy (re)gain control of the masses.

Before the Fairness Doctrine was passed, media was required to present a balanced perspective and an actual socioeconomic context for news. 

Since the Fairness Doctrine was abolished, (of which Rupert Murdoch was a major architect after getting Ronald Reagan elected using his weaponized press), media especially cable, has free rein to form opinion. And form opinion they do. 

Using advanced neuro-psychological tools, media and marketing amplify our cravings and aversions along with our sense of lack and inadequacy. They create polarity. Polarity fuels markets. Anti-aging markets (cosmetics and Viagra), the Youth market (exercise technologies and meat consumption), Fear markets (technology, guns and weapons), and Pain avoidance (drugs, opiates and alcohol). 

This is the trade of Wall Street- owned by about .1% of Americans. That’s like 5 million people out of a ½ billion of the US citizenry. (Doctors make their incomes on codependence too, so I am not excusing myself, even if we are not technically in the .1% of income strata).

Each of us has a lot to offer- educated or not, black, white, yellow and red. Native Americans know how to honor land and weather. Blacks enjoy the strength of brotherhood. Asians know the value of honoring lineage. 

You are perfect at any age, just as you are. We can always become a better self in the eyes of G-d.

We are all SO much more than what is being brainwashed by news, movies, and talk shows! You are promulgating hatred too with your news feeds with Alex Jones and Klan propaganda.

Each of us is, in fact, both male (Yang, creating, expanding, and outgoing) and female (Yin, resting, digesting, nurturing). The real enemy isn’t women or unskilled immigrants taking your well-paying but physically laborious job, but machines and technology taking your job and destroying your skills of being human. Our earth is becoming unable to bear good, naturally nutritious delicious food due to build up of pesticides, chemicals, and persistent toxins.

She, and woman, is becoming infertile. We are losing our human abilities to drive (in 4d), imagine, visualize, listen, and speak. Does this create a being you know? (Consider those on the autism spectrum)

Did you know, they can measure nano-plastics in the smallest newest ocean creations (the earth is always creating, trying to stay in balance) sampled in the deepest portions of the Mariana Trench!?!

The real enemy is the oligarchy, rally now an organized plutocracy, which endlessly take from self-defined, “lesser beings” or “losers” to (externally) beautify themselves, and at the same time, fuel a crippling sense of victimhood in their, “lessors”. 

Now it would seem, those greedy for power are finally butting heads. Here’s some African wisdom, “The predator always gets taken out (by nature), in the end”. For us ‘little’ people, STAY OUT OF THEIR WAY!

Yet, “the deepest beauty lies within,” is a truth to remember and embody.

The Bible was (conveniently) misinterpreted. When man was made Dominion over all the Earth’s abundance, it meant he was to be benevolent shepherd to guide and sustainably use, as indigenous peoples did, but was instead interpreted to excuse rapacious raping and plundering.

As human, we are G-ds. “G-d is the word, the Word is G-d”. We know first hand how words can create hope and bolster happiness, or how it can be used to maim, belittle, and destroy a person. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.  You know how you felt when Dad belittled you for being “small”, a “loser”, or a “failure”?

There is power in your words. Use your words carefully. The world you create is a direct reflection of what you seek (and those unintended consequences), and what you attract by using your words (and your actions of course too).

We can live in coherence, with harmony and ease, or incoherence. Both are forms of energy but experienced quite differently. Coherence feels like love, joy, and happiness; incoherence feels like stickiness, awkwardness, fear, craving or aversion, and hate. There is perfect coherence in holding your new baby, or making love, savoring food, or listening to harmony in music or nature, and any activity that joins a heart, or hearts together.

I often use a blessing given to the seven directions (above, below, in front, to my right, behind, to my left, and within), where I bless all the beings, large and small, dark and light, seen and unseen…and I receive blessings from all these beings large and small, dark and light, seen and unseen. Solutions and clarity always appear when one is stuck. We must face the consequences of our actions, it is never too late.

Did you know that several studies have looked at companies with the most successful longevity? They find that the most fun, creative, resilient, and productive companies have the most diversity. Kind of like the reflection of five elements in Chinese philosophy (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) as it honors ether (and our mission to expand while staying whole). Each element is significantly different from another. Working together isn’t easy, requires hashing shit out, but the product has a fierce integrity. Don’t buy the BS that women and Blacks slow down progress- a different set of eyes will help you be adaptable. 

My erst-while stepmother once gave me a note accompanying the present of a white linen blouse, that said, ‘you can never be too thin, too rich, or too white”. This is the definition of a “stepford” wife- which reflected her New England upbringing. Being a social X-ray, is the goal of a well bred white woman, as evidenced in any NE prep school, debutant society, and in the majority of wives of world’s current oligarchs.

The only beings (to my knowledge) in the natural thriving sustaining world composed like that: thin, rich, and white, are the parasites and worms of the earth.

For sure these parasites are essential beings to cull the dead and dying, absorb and repurpose the abnormal and dis-eased, to keep nutrients going to healthy plants and animals, and to aerate the soil to keep it efficient. It is laughable that that is exactly how they see themselves too; listen to any white nationalist woman, even if they are purely projecting themselves onto the world and looking in the mirror. 

No earth is healthy when completely formed with these species. They only have each other to attack and destroy. Cannibalistic, homosexual, addiction, and infertility are aberrant behaviors are common in rats that perceive being overcrowded and stressed. The hormonal responses to these situations have been scientifically measured; the activities catalogued. 

Imagine a world only composed of thin, rich white folks. Golding’s’, “Lord of the Flies”, or Orwell’s 1984, or “the Giver”, all come to mind- a dystopia reality experienced by many in our society today.

Did you know that the US is ~4% of the world’s population yet has ~ 60% of the world’s monetary resource of capital? The USA’s actual wealth is concentrated by .1% of oligarchs who own media, major factories, and other production as reflected on Wall Street, now our President, and senate politicians. Most was deceptively or ill-gotten (especially creating markets fueling craving and aversions).  

Ten years ago, when I was still practicing medicine, I took a survey which suggested it would take ~7 planets for all people to live as I did having a:

Single family home with a small yard

2 children

Driving my own car to work

Air conditioning

Eating meat several or a few times a week

Buying clothing several times a year.

96% of humans in the world do not live like this. And yet by many standards, they are thriving, healthier, and happier. Did you know, America is nearing the bottom of intelligence testing too.

In efforts to consolidate markets and strip resources from other countries with less human and environmental regulations, Europe’s and USA direct meddling with bribes to said countries’ .1% upper classes, has caused exquisite and painful suffering (and eventually leading to mass migrations). Our actions create a huge backlash of animosity and resentment against the West- including fueling the Islamists. Never mind there are actually folks calling in “ISIS”, Wow, what idiots! (Isis is a very, very, old testament G-d) Climate change will affect all of us, believe in it or not.

In the end, one must consider whose side to be on…the sustainable earth amidst 96% of her peoples (Europeans play more fairly since they’ve had several wars on their continent), or the exploiting 4% who will trash the earth in effort to serve ONLY their exhaustless needs? 


That Dragon has been awakened! The Chinese are ~40% of the world’s population almost 3 billion people and feel that it is their turn to live like Kings and Queens. But their .1%ers are greedy too-rapidly poisoning themselves and limiting diversity by only favoring their Hans.

There are other chapters to come and a future will be written from their perspective.

… Artificial Intelligence is (initially) programmed by humans. Their perspectives reflect their personal humans’ quantized values. As it happens, most programmers are Asian. Many seem to have no patience with barbarians such as ourselves (at least until now). Touché.

Lastly, as long as you personally chastise and offend me (without cause, such as calling me names that are wholly undeserved, for my incarnation, meaning in this case a spiritual human female, I will no longer seek you company.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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