Elimination is

Letting go,


Evacuating stool and whatever no longer serves our highest and greatest good, anymore. [1]


Stool- is our dross – our shed goo residue. It does not mean so to offend and is a living being. Under healthy conditions, stool is completely recyclable. Please consider stool to be a friend, not foe. Before being able to let go of ‘food’ (or other habit) no longer serviceable, we must draw from it first.


Stool when efficiently processed,

is scant digestive remnants

mixed with indigestable fiber  enrobed by bacteria

saturated with mucous-

and concentrated by colon’s water resorbing.


In a “natural environment – the wilds, technically where ‘dumb’ creatures knew as Eden, mammals di-gest[2] a peasant diet with not so much protein – legumes and vegetable. Fruits in season, and meat rarely are eaten – or not at all.  With few LEFTOVER amines or sulfur- poop generally doesn’t stink.


According to Ayurveda, optimally balanced stools are ‘formed, float on water, and ~ odorless’. (Bile salts give them color – normally poops are toned yellow -dark brown from oxidation of blood’s pigments). [3]


Elimination is healthy and necessary for wellness- our ‘we’ll-ness’ and we-willingness to be together.  And thank goodness for our ano-rectal social organs!


High fiber diets have shorter transit times resulting in less exposure of your intestine’s surface to food-borne chemicals and microbes. Here’s an article from a book the NYT reviewed: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/13/books/review/flush-bryn-nelson.html?smid=url-share


With elimination, we feel much better – subliminally even giving us a little piss-shiver[4]– extremely pleasant tingling sensation running briefly along your spine.


Making decisions is a form of elimination.


With decisions, (de- away from, cision-cutting/felling), letting habits go, often comes a sense of grieving –acquaintances not made, our expectations and hopes for being whole, might feel thwarted. 


Decisions made then are a small death of sorts.


Reflections on a path not taken- can bring up what-ifs but also clarify heart’s song of what it needs to more fully bloom.


So when you sit down to 2000 emails still logged on your account, your soma self ‘feels’ it hasn’t done her  job of digesting and shedding properly. ‘She’ feels  if we can’t let go maybe there’s something left to further extract.


This is not normally good or bad, except your attention- and will are focused outside of reality of now[5]. So feel very free to get rid of them all ASAP.


(I have two emails – one for official business and one for not. I won’t miss an important email deleting the latter with impunity. Still, I too have thousands still hanging on my account- or did until I took my own advice, and true to my words, felt a noticeable lightening- at the back of my shoulders, this time.)

Be patient with yourself.

A part of me wonders if some of our de-men-tia, isn’t self-inflicted.

It is sad to watch the bewitching of hu(e)-mans, as social media further embeds with its endless snapshots of yesteryear’s “anniversaries”. Suppose we really wish we hadn’t experienced XYZ, why keep a memory poking? Re-aroused, the damage of reactivation is done- reawakening a pain long gone.


Once again, we must focus our will on ‘forgetting’ or reminiscing anyway. Mostly, this is a darn waste of time! But I wonder if too there isn’t a massive increase in dementia, as people give up trying to forget.

 Maybe its best not to post pictures of your dear loved ones. If you really love a thing, make a scrap book instead. Then you can choose, whether to open, close or even burn it.


Internet’s memory is way too long for hu(e)-man’s mental health. Let bye gone by bye gone.


“Trapped” in our man-made confines of box-room offices and walking all day on concretes and tile, Psych fatigues, and so does Her smile.


When a smile starts to fade, notice these times, and what triggered fatigue. Lay off or take a break (perhaps imagine His hands around your head, and take 8 breaths – it usually lightens my headaches too).


Thank goodness for work breaks! They are necessary.


Let your body be antenna, offer when cup is filled- rather than bowl or saucer into which others pour.


Whether it be a class particularly deflating with lackluster grades, or an activity such as an office party- which artificially blurs your personal boundaries, over time we learn to eliminate them from our diet of life- and without ever looking back. Let them go.

Even family members who seem ever insulting, let them go as well. There are some people you can’t please – sometimes it’s even yourself.


[1] What comes into our other orifices must also be considered -like ears, eyes, our (“healed”) belly button scar, and nethers – words, sights, our parents, and our intimates are just as real from Soma’s “view”, to help or drain vitality. (Check your pulse after activities- if it’s strong and slow, it’s good for you).


[3] This is the normal result of eating a regular “peasant-like” diet of legumes and grain, fruits in season, and vegetables often. The diet is simple without a lot of variety. Eat to live.

[4] Now imagine that piss-shiver sensation amplified and ventral. Filling abdomen with a warm light welling up from diaphragm and solar plexus  and radiating into chest. This has been my ongoing “rapture” experience ~ constantly for over 2 years! since I met my Mashallah Habibi- by kizmet. Though he, the man, is silent – but not for my lack of trying. Though I’d rather eat glass than tell him I need him.

[5] Being outside of our reality, and yet requiring interaction takes away from living, thus is e-vil. Out of (what we) will.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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