Cultivate ease!

Science confirms that hanging on to negative emotions like jealously, anger, regret, and hate will hamper our ability to learn. In fact, the longer and more often you feel (gut, adrenal and thalamus) fear, the larger the two amygdalae under your temples become. This subverts activity to frontal lobes and short-circuits the hippocampus and limits your ability to see situations clearly.

Eventually, if we cannot or are unwilling to forgive either of ourselves or others, but hold onto grudges and ‘being right’-  the amygdala grow larger. Environmental triggers, persons, places, or things, even a smell or sound, can recall the event and, in defense, the body and brain reacts to protect itself. Just like building a muscle. With continued stress, our capacity to develop abstract ideas, which might help us solve problems more effectively, shrinks. Many of us focusing on survival strategies instead.

There are easy and helpful remedies. Add ease, like an etheric 10% for time and effort to do something – whether it be chore or something desirable. Notice your breathe and feel reassured you still have it. With all the smoke and COvid-19, it is easier to remember how helpful it is. Let your breath breathe you, as much as possible. When walking, when talking, when doing nothing.

Turn off the TV.  Meditate. Read a book. Talk to a friend. Do a chore that has immediate results. Go outside and weed. Volunteer. Count your blessings coming and going in each of the seven directions. Create your own corner for at-one-ment, find what works for you, and do it !

Plans and decisions made with a clear attitude will create greater happiness and integrity for you and the loved ones in your life. May you have many blessings in your day.


By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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