vantage through the cactus

When did you forget to look up? Can you remember the last time you got to be fool, and yet, there was someone there looking out or after you? When was the last time someone snapped, ‘look out where you’re going’, with your gaze lowered down? * Over time, our chins dip and shoulders curve…… Continue reading Stoop-ed

Here’s an idea- AEIOU ‘medicine’            

* In your name, there are likely to be one or two vowels missing. Each vowel being a certain tone, carries frequency.  When you say it aloud. Creating a rainbow[1] in this case, with the  A, E, I, O, U. You can add color associations of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue –  or whatever…… Continue reading Here’s an idea- AEIOU ‘medicine’            

A Plea for Modesty

This is my news reaction to taking down, yet another, prominent man- this time New York governor Coumo[1]. Now this guy is (a tad) imperious. He comes from a “Because I Can” ( background, and may have royalty in his genes. Either way his family learned to govern and he has successfully done so for…… Continue reading A Plea for Modesty

AMA – a mystical perspective (Ayurveda part 3)

[ here we are in that time of Lent, but I have disclaimer. Every birthday for me, falls right in the middle of Lent and when traditionally there would be little fresh fruit. Parties and expected pleasures are generally muted. Maybe why, I do love a good party -am I entitled? To have excuse to…… Continue reading AMA – a mystical perspective (Ayurveda part 3)

“Insanity” (L.D.#7)

You probably don’t know this, but many would judge me “Insane” for believing in a Higher Power, let alone G-d. That is, literally.  Most of the people I grew up with, especially the aristocratic and polished upper middle class crusts in New England and those from England, scoffed outright at the silliness and imbecility of…… Continue reading “Insanity” (L.D.#7)

My Serena (L.D. # 6)

Several years ago, as part of a group of prerequisites for going to the Mystery School’s Healer’s academy where I would learn to do DNA activations and related healings, I became acquainted with several facets of energy as it manifests in the material world. With meditations, we were guided to build an inner sanctuary, ‘meet’…… Continue reading My Serena (L.D. # 6)


Teachers have been important to me my whole life.   The first person I learned from outside of my parents was our pediatrician Dr. Bell. He was about as generic as one can get for a distinguished physician – an older balding man with glasses and wearing a white coat with stethoscope wrapped around his…… Continue reading Teachers

What is chronic i’ll-ness really?

Here are some interesting points about modern medicine and the healing processes that are worth considering.   While nothing is true ALL the time, some things are truer than others (and even true more often than others). NOTE: Nothing on this list negates life-saving measures when one is not yet ready to die. Modern medicine…… Continue reading What is chronic i’ll-ness really?

Living in the moment

For me books represented wisdom, knowledge, and experience which possiblities otherwise unavailable to me growing up. Especially as the current reality I was living in- mom ungrounded, abusive, frantic, desperate and bipolar was survived slinking from one activity to the next, just to stay unnoticed. A contracted existence. Being so sensitive and sensitized, I avoided…… Continue reading Living in the moment