To my writer friend who’s despondent

“Just write about the thing in front of you”. That we are here now is the important part. Everyone’s voice must be heard. If you’re really down write about the monitor you’re looking at. Having rage is akin to having love; that little flame keeps us alive, even in our addictions. 

Without attachments or passion implies the potential for a state of apathy.Then, like the little dandelion, one detaches one from everything and just floats. There’s got to be something we care about personally! 

One breath at a time and, like a giant entangled sea of wounded beings floating on a sea of unbeingness, may we stay afloat a little longer on this earth. All is Inshallah- G-d’s will, the manifestation of infinity attraction of the boson field (bosom); our soul’s chose our postcards.”

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