More Light and Levity: Tau, Chet, and Heh

ת, ח, ה are very similar looking to the untrained eye, and according to modern typeset.

At first glance, all three seem to be made of Vau, ו, and Dalet, ד, squished together like concertina.

This is true (almost) for Tau ת and Heh ה,

But Chet ח, you will see, is not the same.


A little review for Dalet, ד, is “gate” in Hebrew- a structure that opens and closes, controlling flow. Door-like, gates rely on a post- Vau’s integrity grounded in firmament.

Gates are attached to posts, can swing this way or that. Dalet’s ד path in the Supernals[1] channels flow between Chokmah’s wisdom to Binah’s pyramids[2] Per Rav Berg[3], Dalet gives and receives force of light for ego’s structures, unlike Gimel, ג, who gives and receives blessings from Tifereth’s heart.  

 Both wind (change) and water (emotions) must be channeled for work[4] to be done.

While the Supernals are above any conscious landscape, they are grounded in our ancestral memory…Dalet ד allows the gift or offering from entities of power to shift Will- using Beth’s ב creations and structures in Binah.

Both Tau ת, perfect word of G-d revealed, and Heh, window, remind me of Dalet. When Vau-our spine and core self, connects; with Dalet, our soul manifests.


 Tau ת is a very important fellow to get to know. He’s your “bottom” line, as it were. He is spelled with Tau, Aleph, Vau; his meaning is perfection, persistence, and obedience.

His path ruled by Saturn’s forms.

Tau creates subject to Time, Limits, and Boundary- principles of constriction. This is not Venusian magnetic force- Flame attracting Flame or Mercurial magician using Hod’s specifics and currents. Tau is what is.

With Tau ת (or Tav[5]), the Will of G-d connects force and form from Yesod’s balance, despite gravity, to form into manifest reality of the elemental world, known as Malchut. 

For this reason, Tau ת has a fat foot on His left (our right foot if you were facing out- as there is a Kabbalah, and each letter, in us too- when we choose to activate them.)

Tau, ת, is summation of our lives with each step we decide to take. Whether our manifestation seems ‘magical’, pounces, tip-toes or dive bombs, Tau is the path of Love’s creation.

Also, if you look closely at ת, you will see a little Nun[6] (נ, fish) inside left –embodying power of unity- a school of fish joins to appear larger and flash his predator, an effective illusion. Nun, too is on Death’s card in Tarot, the path linking Tiphereth and Netzach. For heart’s expansion, we must release attachment, additional worries and fears, to feeling emotions and sensation. Doesn’t mean you don’t feel, but as one stays in the present, feelings shift moment-to-moment with less sticking.


(In my inner heart sanctuary there are four walls with four windows. With intention, any one window can, in time, become door -and thus opened and traversed to (or from) a horizon of consciousness. While it’s safer to envision specifics for the quality of directions, I try to keep the 4 windows clear of ‘dust’, karmic aversions and attractions. Heh’s AHA window tends to be less startling when panes sparkle as mirrors too.[7] )


On the Universe card in Tarot[8], representing Tau’s ת path, is a symbol of ovoid wreath -a fertile earth’s Orphic egg, surrounded (protectively?) with four qualities of power.

Clockwise from upper left to right, are symbols for the four fixed signs of the zodiac starting with man as Adam Kadmon for Aquarius[9]– man’s resonant wave, ruled by Saturn and Uranus[10], Eagle  for Scorpio, embodying height and depths of soul’s ruthless desires-ruled by Mars and Pluto, Lion  for Leo, one’s sovereignty of inner kingship, ruled by Sun, and Ox  for Taurus, as our sensual being persists as long as we breath, ruled by Venus[11].  

Hu(e)-mans dominant in these qualities tend to manifest easily[12].

How we stand in our Tau, ת, shows on outside façade as karmic manifestations of wishes. With gematria of 400, Tav, ת, is Chesed’s foundation -(4) with integrated Shekinah (10×10)[13].

In an older Hebrew, Tau, ת, looks like two interlocking boomerangs[14] or an “X”, as if marking the spot, (face of Yod again), in man’s existence- and two Vaus intersecting on the cross of matter.



Hebrew for window, Heh’s Dalet seems to be hovering over Vau, as if (still) in dream. Even though Heh’s right touches down, to Vau, “it” hasn’t happened yet.

Heh, means “Hey”- as in “here is”, becoming di-sturbed[15], and “Behold!” revelation. On, right vertical line is G-d manifesting with word from speech. Kepeing your heart in your speech will manifest what you need. is on the path to Her; left is action (is on your right facing out – our action side) – with opportunity for penitence (the gap above Vau).

Heh is weft of Tetragrammaton, (ה ו ה י) read from right to left. With Yod י, G-d’s inspiration leading, ‘Let your breath lead you’. Heh waits for opportunity amongst life’s gentle warp- the Yods and Vaus that seem give us form.

Without wishes and prayers to Keter, there is no need for opportunity, no need to be the fool stepping out with trust that magician will use the right tools.

I mention it because if you notice with Heh, ה you could almost imagine a little, ת, outlined just inside- as if G-d does have Tav’s ת plan, even if not visible to the eyes.



Chet is commonly spelled with letters Kaph, Heh and Tav – Kaph is G-d’s palm; Heh and Tav are as above. But is also written as Ches[16] or Het.

So Chet, with Its spelling, is Kaph G-d’s palm, Heh’s ‘window’ (showing “disturbance”), and Tau’s works of perfection all rolled into one!

As a form, Chet is made of Zain/Zayin (assertive self) and Vau (humble self) reaching together toward (elevated) common attachment- with intention to abide by Spirit’s Higher Power and stay grounded in Tree’s middle pillar (Keter tops the middle pillar as emanation from Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur and Aur Ain Soph,).

In modern typeset, the top of Chet looks like Dalet’s horizon- almost flat, but in reality is tented canopy. Akin to the marriage chuppa, Chet traditionally looks like the front of a house with a little peaked roof. Commitments create entity -blessings (and truthfully curses too) greater than the sum of individuals involved.

While we humans, are pressed into physical forms of polar sex, do men and women ‘see’ and experience G-d differently? I wonder if really there isn’t a gap in ceiling open to sky above?

As we bless our world reciprocally, giving and receiving blessings to and from all beings, we create an energy toroid. This is easier to do when living as hermit. With two, at-tune-ment is required. That is, being in tune with each other. Man in tune with woman, woman in tune with man reciprocally. He serves Her, as much as She serves Him. To make a tune, one creates sound. Harmony is when sounds are pleasing to Her ears.

The letters of the Ketubah- the contract a man provides his bride, help clarify his responsibilities to her– especially as she becomes physically incompetent carrying and giving birth. Meanwhile she swears and bonds herself to him with perambulations.

Any ritual or action we make as wave-forms affect dark energy’s matter and strengthen our manifestation in the measurable world! Whether that manifestation if of kabbalah’s tree or Qlipoth (equivalent to Dante’s inferno), is your choice.

Seeing the little tent in Chet, one is reminded of discipline. Flattening Chet’s roof on the keyboard, have the typesetters decided Jews are already so disciplined they don’t need the reminder?!


Chet as a word, means fence. The Tarot card, Chariot, resonates with this path leading from Binah’s pyramids to Gebvurah’s. There are some things one does not do; some boundaries not to be crossed. Binah is the Sephiroth of the yoni; as such Binah is required for birth. But, once birthed, death is guaranteed- hence Binah is also sorrow and understanding[17]. While life has sorrows and trials, it also has joys. When we stay in the moment births and weddings do continue to happen, enjoy them! Being maid, mother, and crone, has its advantages!

Gebvurah ruled by Mars and His fiery serpents the Seraphim, release, remove, and strip anything that hinders us from perfecting our structures with integrity. Weapons used here are the scourge, chain, cudgel and spear – lightening us from karmic attachment to lies- in one word, OUCH.

Our words (what we say aloud or to ourselves) govern our corpus of self, our Chariot. Our corpus is ruled by the moon’s effects on our inner water (our reflections of perception) such is the sign of Cancer- where Cancer and the Moon are located in your birth chart describe what, why, and how you care- in what realm do you embody the principle of nurture.

Crab’s approach is sideways but makes progress forward; G-d’s Will for us is perseverant- we will be shepherded even though the way seems tortuous.

With Chet, when we commit to our covenants –adhering to the principles G-d’s laws of reciprocity, our chariot makes it through Gebvurah’s testing and judgment, intact. Adherence requires glue and propolis[18]!

When we manage our chariots well we can stand tall[19]having faith that G-d will love and sustain us. Remember, G-d comes to everyone in their own tongue and according to His need, whether we heed Him or not, seals our fate with Her.



Destiny, our astrology, guides our dealt cards (birth chart) as we experience life in all its morbid glory.  She deals others along the way (with transits) to give us a new hand while He sits there breathing and laughing at Her mischief. All around play the Pan, rooting and tooting full of distractions, he’s necessary. But take note- he doesn’t care about lighting or smoke.

The picture for this essay is of my Tree of Life I made for a Kabbalah class. It was painted with Holy Water, and has been of great comfort to me these last few years. Mashallah Habbibi.

Please excuse my contextual liberties or errors. Feel free to correct me at any time.

[1] All Hebrew letters are Holy, as such they will be referred to (as best as I can) as “He”, which literally implies they are of Heh ה too! Also, I see Hebrew letters in as being potential in continual motion (spinning and flipping inside and out of the invisible dark matter to become reflective of photons, but wanting to radiate- and get attention), when Dalet’s ד gate is opened, Divinity (of Keter’s Will) shifts.  “Hello”, He says.

D, shaped like harp, is played when she “Empress” needs something. When She raises her black flag, He Wills answer. She play soul’s chord on that harp of hers.

Our spiral of light, our personal Dao, progresses with open-hearted generosity. When you love as child, the world feels like oyster. Be very gentle with their serious minds. Truths are what they are, but clearly not what they’re made out to be!

Follow your inner star, the one deep inside of you- knowing you too are of a universe.

[2] Form emanates from Gaia’s Yoni.  This is creation in a measurable world and of man) therefore not G-d and thus separation from G-d’s perfection. Please excuse my informality at times.

[3] Rav Berg, “Energy of the Hebrew Letters”. Blessed be he R.I.P.

[4] Work is defined as application of force over distance causing displacement from an initial position. The ability to sustain working is the essence of power. Sustaining power requires fortitude, balance, and believing in your mission (love of IAM). In my “Journey to the Snake G-ddess”, I write of the Orphic Egg and the spark of becoming IAM here Hallelujah!

[5]  Both I, O, U and V are said to be derived from Vau- the latter is victory of union with self. Vau is also the being of soma self and is (100%) obedient to Will- unless it gets out of balance. Soma, as Vau, is here to serve Him. Vau has no hands or feet to use, per se, to do or act with intentionality – that is Zain’s quality. No error either that Vau-squared, W, is what our innermost being wants too, in the integration of self- which is our Will. It takes much later in man’s (western) history to form W when IAM can be used as ego.

See too how Vau is in the spelling of Tau/ Tav, but Nun is not?! Death is not a conscious inherent quality of manifestation. And yet, it is at the same time- we are subject to time and fear, left pillar forms, especially when we “forget” ourselves.

[6] Nun is also mentioned in the essay, “NO”.

[7] I’ve come to realize too, that I often get three signs, when it’s time to change course. Do these correlate somehow to Moon’s sequential aspects of growth, opportunity, challenge, ease, obligation and face-off – occurring over several days? With Mercury retrogrades, reflections dial up, as world is less intelligible. We don’t see as clearly ‘out’ but a good time to sort oneself out a bit. Sometimes, we need to go with the flow. We all have blind spots- it’s how our eyes are made.

[8] Major and minor Arcana of Tarot cards reflect numerologic principles and qualities of connections between Sephiroth. As cards are pictures, an author’s vision imprinted on medium- not my own, though in alignment. It is still better to trust your own visions as they come to you.

[9] The sign Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, has a glyph with two horizontal wavy lines. .

[10] Uranus forms our higher nervous system…subject to time and structure.

[11] The qualities of Venus, attraction and repelling, per se, are integral to our feeling life matters. She, being the ruler of Taurus and our senses, is what we perceive as manifest- as in “I have”.

[12] Manifesting with ease is also a basis for ad-diction and Ayin’s wandering eye- one can forget all is gift.

[13] Integrated Shekinah happens when you sing your soul song followed by your full name. This gets your soul alive and your vessel resonanting.


[15] Di-sturbed- split from ‘death’ of ruts, starvation (sterben, ist gestorben in German)

[16] When Samech is made whole, Teth closes in completion.

[17] True understanding entails forgiveness. We cannot know what unseen forces act on an individual to do a thing. As we all ‘stand under’ G-d (when we agree in ourselves we have a Higher Power), we can rest assured that each of us will be individually seen and judged by Him- in His time.

[18] Propolis is an intensely waxy resin bees make with saliva mixed with sap from poplar and conifer trees. Bees use propolis to fill small cracks in the hive against incursive predators. Pro-poli- – for the greater community, pro-poli- S, the Serpent serves. This is not S as simple multiplier.

A message could be…’Heal the small cracks in ones hive with high mountains nature where conifers thrive (meditation and listening) or with warm temperate moisture where poplars thrive (regular diet of love and affection)’. (For larger cracks one must use beeswax – which isn’t as sticky or dense- more like flimsy, even then it will likely fail- and a new hive need be found).

[19] Chariot’s are ~ waist high with upper edge ending at the belly button. In an earlier missive, I mentioned standing tall in your boots – you can count on yourself when you stand in integrity. But can’t “control” emotions or connections, let alone what happens, but can learn to manage in a way healthy. Learning effectively is a process analogous to digestion, in that one must breakdown fuel -be it food or ideas, and recombine building on.  Alchemical action that is useful and necessary. Mechanisms with food’s process of digestion, are echoed at the higher cortical levels too. The power for each, centers in our belly. Sol sits at solar plexus. Sol is quite happy when He is guiding His chariot, then He is Resh’s blessing.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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