Soul retrieval – day 1286[1] (L.D. 13.1)

It has been 1286 days since I gave Reiki to a man and became possessed after he said suggestive comments when I was both “down” and in a suggestible state. This I received  as “cupid’s arrow”- a (golden) energetic shard of entity that still ricochets. Until now, this has been experienced as an intense intrusive…… Continue reading Soul retrieval – day 1286[1] (L.D. 13.1)

Organizing from the inside out. 

This is written in response to today’s New York Times article about depression and living in chaotic clutter. This is an expanded version of my comment. * Living in clutter my whole adult life, I’ve read many how-to clean/ how to de-clutter books. For me, the energy draining problem was from being internally oppressed- me…… Continue reading Organizing from the inside out. 

Asthma – inspired by my weekly allergy summit

I get to go a weekly meeting with my allergy colleagues. We dial in or watch on zoom; some go in person to listen to the speaker present his or her special topic. Though it used to only be in person  ~40 miles away or by phone, the pandemic brought it to Zoom. Usually a…… Continue reading Asthma – inspired by my weekly allergy summit

Ayurveda Questionnaire comment. (Geb 2).

As hu(e)-man waveform beings, we are the energetic embodiment, of variable densities and energy -and of our astrology (whether Vedic or Western, both are accurate – just from different perspectives – the earth’s vs sun’s vs galactic view of our energies as we took the first breath). How we deal with our co-existence in the…… Continue reading Ayurveda Questionnaire comment. (Geb 2).

Freedom to say or do

One time I got an astrology reading and the woman, seeing Mars and Venus in my 3rd house of communication and local milieu, said, I “should just write whatever comes out” and publish it on my blog. The idea seems daunting. You can see for the most part, you’d get rawness that’s free associative and…… Continue reading Freedom to say or do

Re-silience (“resilience”)

Re-silience (resilience) is a buzz word everyone likes to use – to describe kids and adults who are able to ‘bounce back” and re-buckle in, after seeing or hearing about traumas[1]  and tragedy. Including me, I know lots of ‘resilient’ people, who look and act as if they are able to be ‘calm’ at their…… Continue reading Re-silience (“resilience”)


I heard a funny story  of Kids playing an Easter game. They dress up their Peeps candies And melt them in the microwave. * Timing to see which becomes unrecognizable first, they videotape it and give subtitles while their Peep’s candy faces – efface from the inside out. * You know that’s how a microwave…… Continue reading Peeps

 Souk (2)

It seems at the souk, everything’s for sale-often in duplicates –although different parts of the Souk have their specialties.  Here seems a world where there’s enough for everyone, it seems. So if you really don’t like a price, you might get a better one elsewhere. Broad tables loaded with foods fresh and dried, mounds of…… Continue reading  Souk (2)

The Souk (part 1)

(Souk I)- updated 6-4-23 The goal of this essay is to show how the “souk” is a sustainable and inherently productive model for secondary education that could be incorporated into the present system. * Implemented it would increase individual satisfaction and productivity of those e-duced by creating and being comfortable with useful skills taught within…… Continue reading The Souk (part 1)

Pluto is transiting into Aquarius!

Because I sign up for a couple of newsletters, I receive a ton of “woo-woo” emails about spirit, astrology, energy healing, you name it. (Everybody’s selling my ‘data’.) Many are uplifting, but most aren’t really – not from a neurolinguistic perspective – nor my cue card rule [1]. There are whole summits on Pluto shifting…… Continue reading Pluto is transiting into Aquarius!

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