Dr. Jennifer Wyman-Clemons

Are you ready to experience healing at a deeper level?

Are you challenged by insomnia, anxiety, or lack of motivation?

Are you looking for balance?

Have you tried supplements, asked Dr. Google, followed professional advice…and still feel stymied?

Do you find it confusing, frustrating or impossible to follow a diet that may be healthy for you?

My ~30 years of practice in Western medicine as an allergist gives me a unique ability to integrate my medical background with non-traditional healing modalities to help design a treatment plan that meets your health and wellbeing goals. (Click here to read my story) I am very comfortable taking care of patients of all ages. We can  heal and feel better as long as we are alive!

My approach to healing as a somatic therapy physician reflects the traditions of healing according to Carolyn Myss, Colin Tipping, Usui Reiki, Barbara Brennan,  the Modern Mystery School, and Twelve Steps philosophy.

I’ve seen fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, migraine, and other inflammatory or reactive defense behaviors lessen or resolve with my unique relaxation techniques. I’ve seen people experience greater health and balance in their lives. I’ve seen them reclaim joy, with my methods, even after suffering child abuse, sexual trauma, PTSD, and dissociation.

I have personal experience in managing anger and overwhelming emotions!

Please consider me for a provider if you are looking for steadier moods, more vitality, deeper sleep, in short: greater health and balance. Don’t settle for less. Experience more.

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