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For me books represented wisdom, knowledge, and experience which possiblities otherwise unavailable to me growing up. Especially as the current reality I was living in- mom ungrounded, abusive, frantic, desperate and bipolar was survived slinking from one activity to the next, just to stay unnoticed. A contracted existence. Being so sensitive and sensitized, I avoided… Read More

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There will be relationships experienced as 2nds, tri-tones, and diminished 7ths, that need special handling. Whether we be slow and soft, letting our own frequencies gently beat together, or structured, there is always potential for harmony, as Bach and Bartok show us. Holy books and yoga urge us to find ease in all situations.

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A momentous test is coming. I don’t think we can deny it any longer. There is an invisible tsunami nearly upon us if data is too be believed.3/20/20 6:20 PM Let’s get ready the best we can. I’m offering a meditation in connection to your highest and best spirit self. Feel free to join me.… Read More

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We are going to go through the eye of the needle, all of us. Soften, lighten, and cherish yourselves, your hearts and those you love. Make yourself sweet like children, but not sticky.

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So I’m going to put this essay out there, not peer reviewed or published but -based on science, expanded with mysticism. If you love it, please let me know. We need to do what we can to “flatten the curve” as the Covid-19 pandemic progresses. Our body’s microbiome is like our aura. In the wild,… Read More

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Our mitochondria co-evolved with maternal lineage and their requirements for thriving, reflect that. Our evolution depends on it.

The best foods to eat during a crisis such as the one we may well be facing with COVID-19, is to eat your grandmother’s health foods. Her fermented pickles, sauerkraut, kimchee, yogurts, etc. These foods will get you healthier, at this time.

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What Our Customers Think

“My head connected to my body for the first time” (from busy executive)

“Thorough and professional” (dance choreographer)

“Why do you care so much about me?” (young mother)

“I feel totally relaxed and refreshed” (Reiki master client)

“I felt I was in the presence of G-d” (Bahai practitioner)

“You really listen”