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Feeling as if I were brought up by wolves, but with strong role models for those abusing power, who punished quickly when you stepped out of line, I’ve sought after teachers that my mother would respect.  It wasn’t coincidental that these individuals held sway over her moods. I already knew that she valued intelligence and books.… Read More

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Here are some interesting points about modern medicine and the healing processes that are worth considering.   While nothing is true ALL the time, some things are truer than others (and even true more often than others). NOTE: Nothing on this list negates life-saving measures when one is not yet ready to die. Modern medicine… Read More

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This is really the FIRST of three posts. I am still a pre-novice in Word Press! The second is, “Love Daemon”, and last, or next to last, I haven’t decided yet, is, “The Healing”. I hope this helps at least one person feel they are not alone in having an out of control response to… Read More

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Our sense of Ill-ness or dis-ease can be a window for what we need to heal in ourselves.

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Ignorance is like being deep in a metaphorical well. From the bottom, your world looks fleeting and unconnected.  There is nothing to count on except regularity of an experience. Since you’re alive, your basic needs are being met. To include air, sustenance, love/hate, elimination. Just like in the OA. Not necessarily imminently in harm’s way. Or… Read More

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For me books represented wisdom, knowledge, and experience which possiblities otherwise unavailable to me growing up. Especially as the current reality I was living in- mom ungrounded, abusive, frantic, desperate and bipolar was survived slinking from one activity to the next, just to stay unnoticed. A contracted existence. Being so sensitive and sensitized, I avoided… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

“My head connected to my body for the first time” (from busy executive)

“Thorough and professional” (dance choreographer)

“Why do you care so much about me?” (young mother)

“I feel totally relaxed and refreshed” (Reiki master client)

“I felt I was in the presence of G-d” (Bahai practitioner)

“You really listen”