Qoph ק, Shin ש and Teth ט

Spelled multiple ways – Kuf, Qof, too, is  our  quality of Yeztiratic boson energy self – our Nape –where “He” whispers to us. Qoph ק has planted Vau ו with a descending winding structure wrapping ever nearer.

Qoph ק sits at the bottom of Kabbalah’s tree– on the pillar of Force. Of spirit, but self organizing like reverse engineering.  Sacred emotions of entity eventually come to us in Malkhut.

Qoph ק is ruled too by Saturn  being of corpus, and is influenced by moon’s tides.  Qoph letter part of which looks like Dalet ד(poverty) is missing its Yod י- and in all sorts of nasty Hebrew words, nonetheless, as a component of spirit, of which we are but a drop, without Qoph ק, we are without spirit

Doctors sometimes refer to patients as “Q-signing”, when a person’s tongue hangs out. Then a patient is deeply obtunded or comatose.

As we are willing to face our fears, Qoph ק channels  Netzach’s spirit into our current ‘be here now’.

With Qoph ק we  learn who we are; we learn from.

While Shin’s ש energies can dim[1]or be unbalanced, without Qoph, ק we are no one.[2] .  Thank G-d for Qoph, or we wouldn’t be here at all!

If our individual Kabbalah is a drop of the Whole (or Hol(e))- both have a silent ‘e’ for change. Each part of hologram is perfect

With Qoph ק wed to Tau’s ת karma and  Shin’s ש energy of namings’ vibrations, (with or without  our awareness of Sandalphon’s presence), we walk across Malkhut’s sands of time. Heart feel barren save infrequent moments of sensual pleasures and glimpses of tenderness; life is otherwise dry, sharp and sandy.

As our kabbalh self interacts with time and singularity, some parts of us become inflexible – like unused muscle. Stiff and brittle. When eventually we get tests- by any or all of three paths connecting to Malkhut, with Qoph as our corpus, here’s a place they might take place. Ouch. Emotions from Netzach have to flow somewhere.

The path of Qoph ק is Moon card in tarot – so, is our subconscious hive mind side-sensual abstractions of our being- and our ‘tides’.  Subdue and deprive her[3], she comes out anyway, especially when out of balance. aptly my suns’ path  of Pisces is represented here too.


Qoph ק is a false He ה , no doubt about it, illusion from far away looks like He, but Qoph’s ק Vau ו descends His staff point under His horizontal plane into earth’s Malkhuth while He’s ה Vau ו doesn’t.

Qoph ק looks taller than He ה is- like Nun is planted in words’ end, Qoph is likewise- but all along. Qoph can project Himself to fool from afar.

Here planted Vau ו- staking our spirit into corpus, can be a lightening rod for our ancestor’s f-ears – we attract them to us  with our sensory filters from lineage, cleaving to us in the between zone- keeping Teth’s ט rung high above- relative to the ground- that is.

Qoph ק on the right side is wavy like snake uncoiling- this is not Resh’s ר guided waterfall. Qoph’s swirls twist and wind- She takes Her time but does arrive.

Being of Pisces, Qoph ק has principle of expansive abstraction manifest on our wave form of self from Malkhut’s perspective of continuous experience of passing between (and under) other judgments and fears. Here are the triggers for our soul’s dark nights.

With Qoph, ק its as if you’re just going along, the sun is out, and la-di-da, when out of the blue there’s a sudden change in your embodiment. Qoph ק as Kuf,  is G-d’s palm on you in the context of intimate other (person ,place, or thing). You go to sleep one way and wake up another!  Our entity selves, returning to home when time is ripe – we must honor our soma self on a regular basis – be grateful when you ‘do’ a thing.


New landscapes can seem quite sobering – ones we all must witness. As we see craziness and wonder, “What does it all Mean?” It’s best to regularly attend to her needs and may She ease your wake up calls! One learns to sleep lightly at times.

From Malchut to Netzach, corresponding in reciprocity, as always, Spirit lands in corpus ; entities we get from our animal self’ teachers – as well those by moved emotions – drawn by heart.


So ק looks to our planted Vau ו self standing in Teth’s ט veil, because, like everything else, each symbol like Teht is planar, meaning we can see it on a page.  In reality as energy described is tip of iceberg being. Sacred letters reflecting and radiating color for our ‘eyes’ to perceive.

With Qoph’s Teth ט part, descending, as it were, Teth is unfolded  more specific as it slithers by or drops down Resh’s ר waterfall looking Holy (but may not be), Ancestors magnetize fear-based characters and call upon animals. Trust there’s no need when you are at-one with Thee.

While some spell Qoph ק with Kuf or Quf, Quf is a little gentler sounding than the former, don’t you think?

Kuf קis of His palmful Kaph כ, by both spelling and alliteration (fortunately not Hand Yod י) but without Samech’s  ם alchemistry, or connection to heart per se, so Kuf  ק won’t be balanced, left on its own.

Recall Kaph כ, Kuf’s ק father, is palm whereas Q ק is like Samech ם with left-over, unfinished business slithers away, or could be baby wriggling.

Funny thing about Qoph ק, standing as lightening rod or not, whether Teth ט connects or not is entirely up to him –and what he magnetizes in his way of being.  Qoph ק then too, is illusion of He ה- not really the window of opportunity. Which is how Hashmallah gets stuck doing her ‘empty’ ablutions[4].

Thing is, there are no empty or meaningless prayers or gestures. That you spent your will, even faking it, counts – as some shred of you may have really hoped – at one time, there was some thing or some one, for whom it matters.

Hoping once is enough, apparently – to start getting lessons, and to see if you’re really paying attention.


Recall Teth’s ט path is snake[5]– conceptually segmented forms linked- which can be by tangential association [6]and what Gebvurah cleaves one way or another. Embodies Binah’s emission from Her vast pyramid city[7]– magician answering your prayers.

Teth ט allows definition of Chesed’s generosity- whoever is willing to taste and as it lands on you as a hu(e)-man. Willingness to love despite package of self radiated– not love of mantra or yantra, nor that of Ayin.

Chesed is ‘of the whole as thing’ blossoming generosity despite sharp edges and teeth or to wield them ferociously, when is necessary.

Without Teth ט, we are sterile – we’d still be apes eating leaves. Sorry but that is reality. “Here try this” is not a woman’s first thought; She’s keeping foods safe for babies.

[Temptation story  of Eve in the Bible is complete bullshit. Women don’t generally try new stuff first – especially when they’re often nauseated (from being prego ) or worried about poisoning.

Actually temptation was Adam’s game– He’s the gambling man looking for a way to make Eve, smile a bit more often. Which is why the apple became object. (She’d been run down lately from the kids running around…and He really would, like a little more’  but  He’s out fishing all the time…leaving Her al(l)-one for days…). Give me a break! Guys just can’t fess up to their own mistakes, once again.]

 …And since men were the only ones who could write…

Now Eve had Her part too, wanting to have a little fun, She sang Her soul song in very special ways – sometimes at just the right pitch so voila glass shattered and with that, He as Adam, popped into Her reality- from outlined stranger in a back lit doorway.

That old rib story was to throw everyone off track as to who the real boss was- at least for a (hu(e)-)man’s happiness. Poor weak Eve…she was Adam’s inferior (lol). Again, you’ve been duped. Sure maybe they took Her rib to make Him, at any rate here we are now.

Before Adam, Eve was Al(l)-one procreating in her fields of hermaphroditic progeny; no polarity without naming.  Connections of estrogen. Without language –can’t be used to lord over. A Law of jungle is the weakest is meat for everyone. Death is as natural as life and negotiated at its end. We are made in His image, each of us.

With Qoph ק, and Shin  ש sitting as struts at the base of the tree, Qoph is magnetizing,  while Shin radiates. Neither one is “good” or “bad”, both are essential.

While our ‘Shin’ ש self embodies the integrity of mitochondrial energy, Qoph ק is of the cold dark invisible entities of spirit seeking us to make us boson ‘whole’ again.

Representing forces to be integrated, perhaps we thought we’d outgrown. Each of us have those ‘creatures’ coming  towards us –as f-ears in our subconscious. With reading the “news”, I can get vicariously activated – displacing frustrations and anger to outside story.

It’s a wonder to me why not have Shin on the left and Qoph on the right, at least as drawn on the TOL, since Shin ש is fire – and Netzach too; Qoph ק is mostly water just as Hod? Hmm, 

But how we treat our Spirit’s vessel, is demonstrated in our mitochondria –Shin’s ש fire- passion subsumed, in the name of family.

[1] With Shin’s ש three flaming Vav/Yod’s, from a distance a single strong one can seem quite bright –get up close and see on or two out- from ‘naming’ out of balance. When self neglect’s another- just as important for our Holiness of presence.  When you sense this in another, hold space for prayers.

[2] Unless you believe in being kept alive by ventilator- Your Shin ש self might be there, but Qoph ק is gone – as if you’ve been pithed.

[3] Our body of self takes orders from the brain- rather than typically ‘giving’ them.  ‘He’ ה is the window, ‘Her’ the gush, with Resh ר on the end. ‘She’ is He’ window lust and creation’s opportunity. Teth ט is Chesed’s expansion, with our willingness – not of heart, collected in Gebvurah’s vessel – all structures and limits are by necessity.

[4] Kuf ק can be acting out of mimicry – like monkey aping- not with authentic DNA. This the rabbi derides as ‘empty’ or worthless. Still sometimes, you got to “fake it ‘til you make it”. Start somewhere.

[5] Snake – Samech ם, Nun נ, Aleph א, Kaf, כ ‘e’ פ for change. Unity- illusion of separateness, trust of fool (in the illusion), palm-sized ‘amount’

[6] It seems rich for Freud (a Jew) to have recognized tangential thinking as sign of deranged thoughts- (at least as defined by western DSM-) when Jews believe in Gematria – names converted to numerical value  resonate with other words of same value spelled in different sequence, for example. Gematria at all for that matter is one big exercise in tangential thinking – and yet, the proof is in the pudding. There are reproducible proofs – when one reviews their own histories.

[7] Binah’s pyramids are not like amethyst geode where each crystal pyramid is ~ the same shape, or even a more rare mixed-each pyramid different- yet each essential- eventually. She’s a bit like bitcoin too when specific Her pyramid lights up.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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