Rugged Love

I love G-d, my Country and Family and am willing to do anything for ‘them’, or was, except kill.

Instead, the answer now is –‘I carry a gun and advocate for their ownership’… and ‘open carry in my restaurant’.

Or, ‘if you make me submit to you in any way, you’re threatening me and can shoot you to defend myself (implying the presence of real or perceived threats)…and if you take away my firearm, you’re violating my second amendment right.


That’s going on in our Senate now, just so you know, with Lauren B, a new senator from Colorado. She’s an earnest crusader and carries a torch for the right to bear arms coming from living the rugged life as successful saloonkeeper- denizen and wife of the pipeline and fracking oil community.

She knows her way around people; how to foster a flagging male spirit, with her demonstrations of vim and vigor as well as coddling. She is from her perspective, an essential worker.

Never mind she’s sexy but chaste at the same time! or so she seems to me. As a mom with boys, I get her.

Nor is she wrong in her proclamations of right-to-life either.

Her fallacy is in her declaration about G-d. If she believed in G-d, she’d realize there’s no gem in dying when you don’t really NEED to. And maybe she’d honor the commandments a bit more literally. Knowing that G-d*[1]would (eventually) make things right .

So advocating her folks to carry life threatening weapons (in a restaurant, while eating (!!!)[2]) just doesn’t jive with me.

The intention for the choice to carry, to protect oneself and family from harm is noble, but as life around us is a gift, not possession; we are its stewards. In the scheme of things, we don’t own anything.

Nature always wins, by gravity at least.

And further, our light being selves are infinite; in G-d’s Domain; though we create evidence to the contrary, again and again. To kill or snuff a life, to protect objects, not humans, has inherent wrongness-  is a sin unforgivable by man. (Nomad raiders knew even that – and they didn’t even “know” of Allah (praise be to Him the Almighty)!)

There is honor in protecting one’s nest and children with grizzly bear mentality, yet you reap what you sow, with your ideas and voices. May I pray for you?

[1]The ineffable, coherence of the boson field manifest as truth, love, and beauty from Will within the absolute presence of being and creation (ie. not dead yet)

[2]Fear and eating don’t mix. Fear (adrenaline) will overwhelm the serotonin and somatostatin from our nourishment). Eating is a sacred act; gives an opportunity to have relationship (with the food or at the table). It needs ‘space’ for required digestion comes with relaxation).

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