Trust Your Breath

I have been deeply observant of spirit for my whole life. It is as if I’d had an N.D.E. (near death experience) and experienced Him in a version of His entirety in my unconscious being, but consciously I couldn’t believe in G-d, let alone state it aloud. I would wince when others would speak of Him.

At the mere suggestion of the possibility of G-d, the men in my world (father, brother, friends, college, doctors in medicine- mostly WASPs, btw) sneer. Furthermore, they know you won’t play their game with them so seriously, so there’s not much for them to sell you.

Men trained from early on that one must stand on one’s own feet with only themselves to blame for failures. Never mind that, in my world, they are mostly six feet tall, light-toned eye candy- given oodles of opportunity from the ground up and their family circles. Tug a little to see- they are addicted to their (automatic) status and protect it assiduously.

Uttering truths, as from the mouths of babes, is a “no-no” in this so-called polite company. Not only inconvenient, truths raise the question of entitlements. So if you want to understand those ‘over’ you, keep quiet or be excluded.

Who really cares if YOU believe in G-d or not? Unless you’re an alien, why look like one? Or, as in some parts of the world, showing your faith, your life will be shortened.

Belief in G-d is for your own conscience, not mine. If you’re so professing, is it to make yourself feel better? Given our lack of community, let others make their own foolish choices[1]. We will all meet and get tested by G-d in the end.  Or maybe you don’t really trust in Him after all! Hmmm.

For me, I care if you’re worthy- meaning to me, a man (or woman) of your word.

Why waste time talking to a liar- other than for impersonal reasons, like to get a job done[2]?

Charm is so seductive! Cheaters are often unusually pleasant and polished, never mind glib. Their bling and watch collections make us salivate! But once you cheat, in a way, you’ve already failed-you don’t knowif you could have made it on your own. Forever you’re on a slippery slope.

Your subconscious, for sure, knows this- and will protect you from that uncertainty- creating a form of hell on earth. Chronic guilt is absorbed in the body- even when not deserved.

Being raised by a caustic mother ranting and violent, it is natural for me to eschew drama, to “look, but don’t touch”, nor engage. Like so many others, I’ve perfected the art of invisibility, especially when I’m in an unfriendly situation.

So in this seemingly hateful day and age, why not keep your faith to yourself- as all information can (and will) be weaponized[3]?

G-d is, after all, Allah. He is All-in-everything too. Earthly power holders[4]want to take His inner light from you. They can’t help it, they’re vampires.

Anyone trained, in energy transfer lineages, knows that intention, or a thought, create reality, not just actions[5]. So “high priests” often co-opt Him, creating factions of religion, to lead us astray of one’s inner truth- and intentionally create confusion. Confusion creates opportunities (for them). 

The jihad[6]of yoking to one’s self to Spirit is real, but has nothing to do with violence to others. Using term in any other way signals corruption. But yes, it is militant, not unlike the sense you get from being picked on by others for nursing (when a bottle is much more convenient and tidy), or even when your baby is more than two! 

When man surrenders his will[7]to G-d, the external “state” and physical conditions, lose power over him (or her).  One is free(r) from daily attachments and strife; there are no mistakes, just “lessons” we must learn.  This threatens the money machines that want to keep us fighting for the unattainable!

Our breath is our main link to Him (as we are embodied)[8].

Art and movements that witness and use breath, create opportunity for inspiration. This is literally a gift from G-d to you. Listening to your own breath is NOT EVIL, no matter what the pope says!

So next time, you’re in a crowd, notice your breath. Is it rapid and shallow, or relaxed and content? In entering the boson field, one learns to trust that each moment is perfect.

[1]Including abortion and killing others in the name of war; although it is correct to protest this societal requirement that women must pay to play.

[2]Even then, make sure he likes his job- or the results will be tainted.  

[3]At the heart of controversy of “cultural appropriation”, is intention,not accident, to weaken ones power totems on earth. Ridicule creates doubt within you (or can- at least until now).  Utilizing another’s culture respectfully is something quite different.

[4]Large hydra corporations buy politicians, pay for distorted news coverage, produce violent movies and music, from which we medicate with their drugs, booze and now pot! Fact: those who own the means of production dictate its terms; those who extract raw resource from the earth such as “rare earths”, diamonds and oil, dictate life. Oil feeds non-essential economy, and the deluge of byproduct plastics. 

[5]It’s flat out wrong to say, “sticks and stones break… but words will never hurt you”. This is a lie. Words create and destroy.

[6]The term Jihad being used to condone violence is an abomination. Violence violates the Commandments and the Golden rule. Blowing up others deprives man of their own free will to make their own mistakes! (Now G-d gets to judge them both!)

[7]Submits to all that G-d gives him (or her).

[8]When our will is coherent with His, in one’s at-one-ment, breath is easy and unstrained- much like when we are “in flow”.

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