MD fashioning her future – Who I am and why I’m here

Hi, I’m an MD who is jumping off the corporate ship of medicine. Having been a close follower of SCIENCE, I realize that medicine, as practiced today, is not reflecting up-to-date SCIENCE. In that, I refer to developments in quantum physics that prove we are all connected, that our bodies are energetic templates to everything we connect with (including how we treat our environment and foods). Even our thoughts, by virtue of being energetic transforms, create realities! That means we attract what we sow, every day.

I was a physics major for two years in university, graduated with a degree in cell and molecular biology, and worked in cutting edge labs, before starting medical school.

From a childhood steeped in misery, I became a chronic runaway beginning at age ten. Once I earned my emancipation as a minor at 16, I learned that “what is on the surface often has no bearing to one’s inner world.” Boy did I learn how that was not true.

The manner that we humans come to a life intersection might seemingly random but it is actually a reflection of our past trajectories. GRACE is also involved at a higher octave, if you will, for our highest and best selves.

There is a saying in yoga, “you’ve waited your whole life for this moment”. While easy to grasp when the going is good, that message is sometimes difficult to accept when difficulties arise. And yet it has never been truer in this age of connection and connectivity.

Over and again, we see the laws of physics and math applied to energetic laws proving that Karma exists, especially as described by the random walk path. Maybe we don’t see all the results we expect in a single lifetime (and here enters Heisenberg and multiple other laws) but Karma does catch up to either us or our offspring! Only when we embrace our lessons, even love the learning, and the people who transferred lessons to us through their DNA, and only when we feel thankful for such lessons can negative Karma be released.

Each of us came into being as an energetic entity. Imagine the energy of the first instance as we connect with egg and sperm. The machinery that engages is AWESOME. That power is greedy and drives us into full formation. But we arrive in a virtual box. Our families have expectations, our culture defines us, our environments feed us. Our families are the first that must be grieved, acknowledged and loved compassionately. No matter what. Kind of like Japanese watermelons grown in a crate. Sure they are perfect blocks, and they  reflect their environments perfectly, imagine how they might grow without artificial constraints. Shaming, blaming, fear, and unresolved grief cripple the human spirit and create limiting beliefs that blind. This can propel us to unfathomable heights or addictions. But usually we stay safe in our grooves (or ruts), we choose.

Living in our fullness requires acknowledging our human limitations, forgiving ourselves for our own shortcomings and engaging with the support of others whom share similar visions, but have complementary strengths. We are all in need of each other and that is what seems to have been forgotten as we pitch headlong into the technologic age.

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